120mm Mortar Firing Tables (DIY Project Download)

He places firing data on the sight and lays the mortar for deflection and elevation. Table 7-1. Tabulated data for the 120-mm, M120 mortar. 7-4. BARREL ASSEMBLY, M298. The article reports on the completion of the population of the artillery and mortar electronic tabular firing table (ETFT) AKO Web sites by the U.S. Army Firing Tables and Ballistics Division and has created a site for the small arms ETFT. Military. Further Reading. CHAPTER 7. In addition to supervising the emplacement, laying, and firing of the mortar, he supervises all other squad activities. b.

120mm mortar firing tables 2Artillery Firing Tables wanted – posted in Weapons other than Tanks (WOTTs): I’m looking for all kinds of artillery firing tables. 155mm howitzer and 120mm mortar are covered well now, also 81mm mortar. Sample pages from firing tables for the 120-mm mortar 4-22 Figure 4-9. Military Info Publishing Military Mortar Manual Photocopy List.

The bomb is ballistically similar to the MECAR Family of 120mm Mortar Bombs and hence fires with the exact same firing tables or computerized fire control system. But it seriously looks like all the 120mm smoothbore mortars, no matter what company made the tube, can fire any 120mm fin-stabilized ammo regardless of maker!. PST Even if it fits, this does not mean, that a crew can fire the ammo in a reliable way due to a different firing table etc to each ammo type and sort. 120Mm Mortar Firing Tables, 81mm mortar firing table. photonesta.com.

Artillery Firing Tables Wanted

A 120 mm mortar fired at the first increment charge at an angle close to 45 degrees has a range of 1,574 metres, according to the Vilicic Report. 1586 Based on the angle determined by Zecevic and his colleagues (55-65 degrees) and on the firing tables for 120 mm M6253 mortar shells, they determined the possible firing ranges of the mortar shell to have been between 1,640 metres (if fired with the initial (zero) charge and with one additional charge) and 6,546 metres (on 0 +6 charges) and the difference in elevation between the potential firing location and the centre of the explosion is 400 metres. What you guys are talking about are Graphical Firing Tables (GFTs), although potentially very handy, you would have to add a shitload of tables, for each caliber/gun/projectile/charge/trajectory combination. We are both developers and producers of the M931 120MM Full Range Practice Cartridge, M879 81MM Full Range Practice Cartridge, M880 81MM Short Range Practice Cartridge, M766 60MM Short Range Practice Cartridge, and a 120MM Short Range Practice cartridge for international sales. Realistic: Firing Table, Live Fire, Fuze Setting, Impact Signature.

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