3d Origami Jewellery Box (DIY Project Download)

Paper houses don’t make very sturdy shelters for those living inside, but paper jewelry boxes make excellent storage boxes for keepsake jewelry. ORIGINAL 3D PANELS WITH APPLIQUE HEART OF THE PAPER. How to make 3d origami heart jewellery storage box step by step diy tutorial instructions 512×384 How to make 3D origami heart jewellery storage box step by step DIY tutorial instructions.

3d origami jewellery box 2(smaller) 3D origami jewellery box designs/ colours. 3d origami jewellery box tutorial (smaller version) on YOUZEEK.com. This is a beautiful project you can make for a very special person such as your mom or somebody really special. It is really elegant and beautiful. Good Luck Origami Maniacs.

I’ve had a custom order to make one. I like how it turned out. 3D origami blue jewellery box. Modular (3D) origami is a paper craft where individual sheets of paper are folded into identical shapes and fitted together to create a larger shape. Small Colorful Swan (3D Origami)4 years ago in Origami15 Comments.

(smaller) 3d Origami Jewellery Box Colours

3d Origami Blue Jewellery Box By Girnelis On Deviantart