463l Pallet (DIY Project Download)

463L Pallet Cargo System. Intermodalism is the use of several modes of transportation to accomplish a single movement of cargo. A shipment is intermodal primarily by virtue of its physical characteristics. We can now provide you with used HCU-6/E 463L pallets, which are in very good condition and immediately available. For use in Hercules C-130 aircraft. Pallet system compatible with all international military cargo handling systems on standard military air cargo planes such as the C17 and C130. Rugged and long lasting.

463l pallet 2Pallet Dimensions, Width: 108 inches. Length: 88 inches. Height: 2 1/4 inches. Pallet Usable Dimensions, Width: 104 inches. Length: 84 inches. This Satco pallet is acceptable for use in all USAF 463L Air Cargo Systems, including C130 aircraft. Net rings are heat-treated alloy steel having load capacity of 10,000 pounds in any direction. AmSafe Bridport military pallet nets provides a range of solutions to restrain palletised cargo. Approved by the US DoD Air Transportability Agency (ATTLA) for use on a variety of military cargo aircraft, our air cargo nets (including 3G, 9G, flame retardant and lightweight) are designed to restrain loads of up to 10,000lb on the aircraft floor or on the NATO standard 463L pallet.

The pallet and handling systems are designed with rolling in mind, a Euro pallet is lifted and shifted, a 463L is rolled. 463L Pallet and Dunnage System Evaluation on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. ABSTRACT: The Intelligent Robo-Pallet SBIR program objective is to introduce a high-level of autonomy into the Air Force 463L air cargo handling operations to reduce the manpower and use of material handling equipment necessary to maneuver cargo as compared to the standard 463L pallet.

463l Cargo System

463l pallet 3463L nets are available on short notice for use with the 463L air cargo material handling system. NSN 1670-00-969-4103-CT Certified Slings 67: Top 463L Pallet Net Restraint HCU-15/C. Systems and methods for platforms designed to be loaded with pre-loaded 463L pallets or other pallets configured for use in a transport aircraft.

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