81mm Mortar Firing Tables (DIY Project Download)

Get this from a library! Firing tables: mortar, 81mm, M29; mortar, 81mm, self-propelled, M125A1 and M125: assault vehicle, full tracked, amphibious, XM733: firing cartridge, HE, M374; cartridge, WP, M375, 1968. He places firing data on the sight and lays the mortar for deflection and elevation. The tabulated data of the 81-mm mortar, M252, are shown in Table 4-1. This course is not intended to be used as a field or technical manual. 4.

81mm mortar firing tables 2First, I feel obliged to include a link to all the information I have obtained regarding the 60mm and 81mm mortar systems, as well as associated manuals, drawings, and the like. The 81mm mortar squad as depicted in Table of Organization D-2, dated 28 March 1941. He was reputed to have fired several 81mm rounds at a Japanese destroyer, scoring a direct hit and driving the enemy ship off. Reports on the availability of artillery and mortar tabular firing tables online via the Army Knowledge Online FTaB organizational site Knowledge Collaboration Center (KCC) announced by the Armaments, Research, Development and Engineering Center’s Firing Tables and Ballistics (FTaB) Division of the U.

The M252 is an adaptation of the British 81mm L16A2 mortar developed in the 1950s. His twofold records include a written table of firing data, type, and number of rounds fired, and the safety pins pulled from each round to provide physical evidence to the accuracy of the table. FM 23-90 81-mm Mortar (February 1972); 116 pages, 58 illus. Direct Support Maintenance Manual including Repair Parts and Special Tools List (Including Depot Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tools) for 81-mm Mortar, M29A1 (October 1985); 82 pages, 50+illus. The first table is a chart that shows range and elevation for firing particular mortar shells. The second page includes a chart with range and deflection (presumably for the same kind of shells), as well as notes which give additional instructions.

60mm Mortar Firing Tables And Reloading Information

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