81mm Mortar Range Table (DIY Project Download)

81mm mortar range table 1

The tabulated data of the 81-mm mortar, M252, are shown in Table 4-1. Range. Minimum to maximum. 83 to 5,608 meters. Rate of Fire. Sustained Maximum. Page 3 of 3 – Range Tables for Mortars – posted in ARMA 3 – GENERAL: That mortar system is also missing a way to measure range on the map, for when there’s no line of sight. The current 81mm is just too big to be practical and actually single 81mm Mortar rounds weigh approx 4kg. The M252 is an adaptation of the British 81mm L16A2 mortar developed in the 1950s. His twofold records include a written table of firing data, type, and number of rounds fired, and the safety pins pulled from each round to provide physical evidence to the accuracy of the table.

81mm mortar range table 2The M1 81mm mortar was the largest weapon in the arsenal of the Marine infantry battalion. Four of these weapons were assigned to each battalion, in either the weapons or headquarters company, depending on the table of organization. Get this from a library! Range tables for O.M.L. 81mm mortar L16 on mounting, 81mm mortar L5 with plate, base, 81mm mortar CDN, Mark 1 or on F.V. 432 firing rounds, H. At the time of firing, the sabot is also expelled from the mortar and impacts 6. The round is ballistically similar to the 81mm High Explosive (HE) and smoke cartridges.

60mm mortars are organic to the rifle company and have a range of 3500 meters. 81mm mortars are an asset of the infantry battalion and have a range of 5700 meters. Artillery is that part of an army that controls the bigger, long range weapons, formerly referred to as cannons. Modified Minimum Safe Distance Table (FM 6-141-1). 20,000 60mm 260 260 mortar 81mm 330 330 322 mortar 4.2-in 350 360 ch mortar 105mm 340 340 350 360 380 400 howtiz er 155mm 430 440 450 460 470 530 600 680 howitz er. Bomb 81 mm Mortar Illuminating belongs to the family of Illuminating ammunition extensively used to support night warfare. Range table indicating fuze setting and augmenting charges, would be provided along with the ammunition to facilitate illumination at the desired range and height.

The M1 81mm Mortar

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