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A Suitable Wardrobe is the clothing site for well dressed men. When he launched the A Suitable Wardrobe web store, I was continually amazed at his taste level and capacity to seek out the highest-quality makers. Will Boehlke’s stories. A Suitable Wardrobe: I am the author of A Suitable Wardrobe. I write about men’s style.

a suitable wardrobe store 2A chat with Will Boehlke of A Suitable Wardrobe. WB: It did at the time, but I think now the blog and the store are more geared toward the clothing hobbyist, and that’s probably where we’ll stay. One of my favorite webstores, A Suitable Wardrobe, is having a storewide sale (I believe their first ever, from memory). The store carries some of the best labels anywhere, such Drake’s, Rubinacci, Merola, G. Will Boehlke of A Suitable Wardrobe in a beautiful Lovat tweed made up as a three-piece with great double breasted waistcoat, a very city cut juxtaposed against the country style cloth.

Will started the ASW blog in 2006 (back before many menswear bloggers were old enough to drive), and in the years since he has created an accompanying e-store with some of the finest apparel and accessories in the world. That was just my way of doing things, but this way of shopping is not good if you want to build a suitable men’s wardrobe. I ordered a package of watered silk miniature carnations from Will Boehlke’s A Suitable Wardrobe store last week. I received them yesterday and they’re terrific.

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a suitable wardrobe store 3However, most of the original blog content was pulled from the net when Mr Boehlke made A Suitable Wardrobe an online store. Content was to be incorporated into the new site but it never did make it. A Suitable Wardrobe: Enter the Dragon. The web based store showcases a collection of luxury goods that combines Fox Brothers cloth with other best of British materials. You can require driving from store to store for many days in getting the right style of furniture within a right price. Bespoke runs through the veins of Will Boehlke, style consultant, speaker and author of the widely followed, award-winning blog, A Suitable Wardrobe. I noticed he was photographing our front window and when he came into the store we had a very delightful conversation about shoes and style. Will Boehlke Author of A Suitable Wardrobe photographed at Leffot.

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