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How do I get the row count of an internal table? I guess that I can loop on it. ABAP programmers can find internal table row count in ABAP using LINES() function or DESCRIBE TABLE command as I shared codes in this ABAP tutorial. Dynamically count fields in an internal table. TYPE TYP COMPONENTS N. CALL METHOD OF SH ‘Cells’ CELL EXPORTING 1 ROW 2 COL.

table row count 2My internal table has follwing values: invoice -1 return – 1. Hi, How could I get the search result in an internal table like when we use the system field sy-dbcnt to count the search result by selecting data from the database? I want to check whether the result is unique when I read an internal with key. Fyi: in was702, ABAP offers us even options to define secondary indexes on internal tables: you can define a standard table with a several additional hashed and sorted keys if you need them. The query was regarding to show the count of displayed rows on the screen. SAP doesn’t directly prepare the Data Table which it needs to display. Yes you are right, I didn’t pay very much attention while declaring the internal table for the subroutine pool.

DELETING rows of the internal table within the LOOP. Working with internal tables and work areas in SAP ABAP, Internal table operations in SAP ABAP programs. DESCRIBE TABLE is used to count the no of records in a internal table. Internal table is actually a temporary table, which contains the records of an ABAP program that it is being executed. An internal table can be made up of a number of fields, corresponding to the columns of a table, just as in the ABAP dictionary a table was created using a number of fields.

How To Count No Of Diff Rows In Internal Table?

table row count 3Internal table in ABAP. An internal table is a run time instance. APPEND sets SY-TABIX to the index of the last line of the table, that is, it contains the overall number of entries in the table. COUNT is a standard field within SAP Structure BCONT_COUNT_TAB that stores Table Rows information. Number of rows in an internal table. Below is the list of attribute values for this field including its length, data type, description text, associated data element, domain, search help etc. DELETE is the statement to delete one or more lines from an ABAP Internal Table. Use the INDEX addition to delete a single line. If we use the INDEX addition and the operation is successful, SY-SUBRC will be set to zero, the line with the corresponding index in the internal table will be deleted and the indexes of the subsequent lines will be reduced by one. The number of step loop rows displayed can change if the size of the table displayed is variable and the user changes the window height. This internal table has an arbitrary number of rows which usually results out of another query against the database. Hence the number of rows in that internal table and the values are determined at runtime and not foreseeable. Question Submitted By:: SAP ABAP. I also faced this Question!! Answer Posted By Answers were Sorted based on User’s Feedback Answer 1 Sort the table by key, then loop and read the key. if it counts more than once thats a duplicate record. In above code final internal table contains duplictae data.

Deleting Rows Of The Internal Table Within The Loop. Is It A Taboo? A Big No No? Sap Yard

Mastering these techniques will make your ABAP programs more powerful and flexible. WRITE: ‘The table’, tabname(7), ‘contains’, count, ‘entries.’.