Abatron Liquid Wood (DIY Project Download)

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Abatron Wood Restoration Kit – Abatron Restoration Epoxy sold at Highland Woodworking. Rotted wood repair doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn how to make a lasting repair using my favorite epoxy system, Abatron LiquidWood & WoodEpox. Hello All, I believe I have read in previous posts about the recommended use of Abatron products (specifically Liquid wood and wood epox) and was wondering if anyone has actually ued these products and would like to share their experience with them? Also, their Abocrete product seems interesting as well.

abatron liquid wood 2Abatron’s Wood Restoration system has been specified by the US Government, national restoration centers, museums, architects. Learn More. Penetrates and hardens to regenerate old rotted wood. Permanently strenghtens to restore and waterproof interior and exterior wood and other fibrous or rigid materials. I do a lot of epoxy repair in my business, and use Abatron with good success. The WoodEpox and LiquidWood can be mixed to different thicknesses for different uses.

With LiquidWood, a piece of deteriorated wood that could crumble under finger pressure can be impregnated and restored to a rigid, durable, water and weather resistant wood superior to its original. Abatron Wood Restoration at Pearson Distributing, Abatron Liquid Wood, Abatron Wood Epox, Rotted Wood Repair, Restoration.

Abatron Liquidwood

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Abatron Liquidwood