Abs Beast Box Mod (DIY Project Download)

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This is quite frankly a fantastic box mod for the price I just don’t think you’ll get much better, the few things I’ve listed as cons are acceptable for the price and can for the most part be sorted out at a later date should you feel the need too. ABS BEAST BOX MOD With Light up LED Light! Made By Tobeco! MOSFET PROTECTION. Dual 18650 (Batteries Not Included). Copper Top Center Pin. 015 New arrival Phimis Clear ABS box mod various styles The Beast Box Mod PC box mod in stock. ABS Mechanical Box Mod Beast smaug mod v3 box mod 150w.

abs beast box mod 2The transparent ABS box mod uses two 18650 batteries, that need to be placed with their positive ends at the top and negatives at the bottom. You get a fully functioning dual parallel box mod that can last for years and that hits like a total beast. The Beast ABS Mod has a new design, different from other normal mods. the internal structure is visible and made of acrylic. ABS Transparent Beast Box Mod with Dual 18650 Battery Capacity by Tobe.

TOBECO CLEAR ABS BEAST MECHANICAL BOX MOD (OPTIONS WITH & WITHOUT LED LIGHT). So I’m thinking about getting my first parallel box mod. I know that the true cheapest one will probably be the farthest away from the safest but. A few months ago I picked up a CIGREEN ABS V2 BOX MOD for 55. Parallel 18650’s. Thing was a beast. Can’t go wrong for 40. Tobeco Beast Box Mod. Features: 1. High temperature resistant acrylic 2. Clear ABS Box 3. Powered by dual 18650 batteries 4. Fixed copper center pin 5.

Transparent Abs Box Mod

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