Acoustic Cigar Box Guitar Plans (DIY Project Download)

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Follow these simple steps towards building your own cigar-box guitar! String Her Up! Using acoustic guitar strings is recommended by Shane Speal, the King of the Cigar Box Guitar, and I m not one to argue with the king. The first time I saw a cigar box guitar, I knew I had to build one. I hadn’t done much woodworking yet, but it looked like something I could tackle. On building a cigar box guitar. I tried acoustic strings hoping to get more volume since the box is so thin, but they kept breaking. Electric guitar strings, however, work quite well.

acoustic cigar box guitar plans 2My method of building a cigar box guitar economizes on effort by using standard-dimensional wood. The easiest is to just drill the required holes and slip the tuning pegs in from the back, with the pegs poking out the front in two rows like on a typical acoustic guitar a single row like many electric guitars. If you only ever see one video of a 3-string cigar box guitar in action, watch this one, watch it till the end WITH AN OPEN MIND before you decide if you like the type of sound a primitive 3 stringer will produce. You’re going through all the effort of building a guitar, why not just put on 6 strings? Folk music is not suppose to be complicated, over refined, lickity split fretted notes, complicated jazz chords and scales, beefed up or masked with computer’s just strum’n acoustic slide or plug n’ play with lite power on a small amp. 6-String Acoustic Cigar Box Guitar Plan in Musical Instruments, Guitars & Basses, Guitar Accessories eBay.

Simply build it into your bridge, or mount it inside the box under the bridge with glue, and you’ll be amazed at how much better it picks up the full range of tone when compared to a small disk piezo. 6-String Acoustic Cigar Box Guitar Full-Scale Plan in Musical Instruments, Guitars & Basses, Guitar Builder/Luthier Supply eBay. Guitar Wall Hanger, Maple acoustic guitar electric guitar cigar box guitar.

How To Build A Cigar Box Guitar

If anyone is interested in building their own, I put some. In fact, I set one of my 3-string electric cigar box guitars just like Steve’s 3-string Trance Wonder. The plans on my site (original link in this thread) is for a fully acoustic cigar box guitar. First time building any guitar, so this should be interesting. My mate up here in the blueys makes cigar box axes and sells them. I made one with an old Washburn baby acoustic neck which was something like a 19 scale. Cigar box guitar building is an art that is progressively moving forward, generating new and exciting instruments in a modern Renaissance. C. B. Gitty brings back the tradition with these acoustic box kits made from select birch.

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