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Installed a wood burning furnace this past fall at my home and after 3-1/2 months it is totally creasote covered to the point. If you would add intake air it will make it burn hotter because cold air has more oxygen than warm air and if your home is pretty air tight it would help alot remember when mom uses the dryer it vents outside and sucks air from the house thus taking air from the wood burner same as the fart fan and the furnace if it draws from inside the home. With our wood furnace ratings, we give you independent reviews of the brands from a repairman’s point of view. The unit is EPA certified and is available as an add-on, wood-oil combo, or wood-electric combo. Read 10 reviews of Fire Chief wood furnaces written from Mar 2013 to Feb 2016 or write your own review. I felt the quality was far superior to the DAKA and Drolet add-on furnaces also available there.

add on wood furnace forum 2Hey all! Wanting to install a new add-on wood furnace to my existing 5 yr old Grimsby oil furnace. Been doing some looking around for one am wondering. Whole house indoor warm air wood furnace appliances that are UL Listed for safe operation. Easily add on to existing gas or oil furnace to heat up to 1,500 square feet. So far, as the add on wood furnaces that are locally available, the big green one at Tractor Supply in Mukwanago sure looks like a nice unit, decent secondary burn chamber, but there is no way I could get that in the basement by myself.

Also I didn’t find this forum until after I had installed the Hot Blast. Ive been burning ood in my add on wood coal furnace in the basement 12 yrs. Is an outdoor wood boiler the way to go or not? I got sick of filling this thing and freezing my tail off doing it so I bought an ADD ON Furnace. The model you are considering is very much like the add on we used to have in our old house. With all the new regulations coming with outside wood stoves if we were to replace what we have I will take our wood burning back inside.

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add on wood furnace forum 3I’ve heard Paul and Erica both say turning a wood stove down and letting it go all night isn’t efficient and I don’t really understand. I get the adv. I have played around with our wood stoves over the years. I best thing that I have done to increase their efficiency is to add heat exchangers to the exhaust. The Add-on Furnace can hook into your home’s ductwork to supplement your existing heating system, or you can dump the heat directly into a garage, shop or other large area. This furnace burns wood, and was talking about big wood: the firebox accepts logs up to 25 in. An add-on wood furnace can supplement your current heating system because it can actually be connected to the existing ductwork of your home to provide that extra boost that your other furnace needs on those particularly cold days. There’s a picture of the Englander Add-on Furnace. Will a add on wood stove will at least moderately heat my house without the blower? Also, this is a little off tropic my neighbor has both an oil and wood furnace.

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Also check into Wood Gasification Furnaces, much more efficient, cleaner burning, and very little smoke. Now I’d like to add a 2nd pump (max for this model) & run a line to 2 stall garage, hot tub (FW dream) & 3 season porch radiator. So my wife and I might buy a house with typical oil-fired radiation heat. My mom has a barely used wood and coal burning stove that she wants to give. I have a bunch of used oil around and was thinking about a way to pipe it to my Hardy wood stove to. Has anybody here incorporated a wood stove somehow into there central air ducting system.

The fuel oil burner does add cost to the already expensive units. So there we have it guys. A resonably nice installation of an add on furnace with automatic change over from conventional heat to wood heat and vice versa. A good buddy has a nice cabin on 28 acres in a little town 110 miles from me and wanted to add a wood furnace to his gas fired system.