Adding Casters To Table Legs (DIY Project Download)

Adding wheels to a regular cart, shelf or table means you can take the drinks wherever the party ends up in (or outside of) the house. Here’s the step-by-step guide to how to add castors to a piece of furniture. You will need to drill holes in the bottom of the furniture legs to fit the sleeves into. Add swivel casters to your kitchen table for easier cleaning. Fit your table with swivel casters and, with a gentle push, you’ll no longer have to vacuum around its legs.

adding casters to table legs 2If you are looking for a high quality caster, look no further. Our casters can be used as table wheels, bed wheels, and more. Add mobility to your table or cabinet by adding casters. Follow my tutorial on how to add casters to a wood chair for portability and ease! When I try to scoot it in, the lower support hits the back of my legs. It never fails that once I get myself all comfortable, the dog decides to scratch at the door to go out. A New Easy to Build Table Plan. Measure how tall you want your coffee table to be. Mine will be 18 inches tall as that is the height of my couch cushions and I read somewhere that a coffee table should be at or slightly below the height of your cushions. Add your casters and get ready to attach the legs to your new coffee table coop!

Tables, Legs, Casters, Furniture Glides, Table Legs, Furniture Feet, Table Hardware, Casters, Table Systems, Levelers, Furniture/Cabinetry Hardware. Quality wooden furniture legs with castors provide a classic finish to all upholstery, sofas and chairs. Assembled in a unique way to ensure they are amongst the strongest on the market. There are several methods for adding the wheels to the table, but these were super easy.

Plate And Stem Mount Casters For Tables Legs Bases

This is exactly how I feel about pairing casters and furniture. Obviously the furniture was great on its own, but add a little pair of modern casters, and this piece moves from a little drab, to I have to have with the twist of a screwdriver. I have an old dresser/mirror combo with narrow legs and 3 out of 4 casters work. I also would love to get my old 20U and table on wheels to move it around easier but it has the older style legs that was between the old cast iron style and the new K legs. They don’t add much height and can slide across wood or carpeted floors. By adding casters to your table, you can more easily move it to another section of the kitchen or roll it to the side to thoroughly clean the floor underneath. Add casters for mobility, add leg braces for stability, add additional plates to make your table wider and use leg adapters to support external plates. The BuildPro system is the most economical and versatile modular welding table available. For example, we just found these beautiful DIY tables and we’re sure there are plenty more where these came from. At the end, you can either add legs, casters or leave the table as such. So I crossed my fingers and hoped that I could add some wheels to the bottom without much cost, effort, or ruining of chairs and am happy to report that I came out ahead on all counts. Filed Under: Furniture Plans.


I want to attach casters to the legs but I am worried about the screws pulling out of the end grain of the 2x4s.