Adding Casters To Table Saw (DIY Project Download)

I’m planning on adding wheels to my table saw to make it easier to move. I want to add wheels to two of the legs, to be able to lift one end and move it around almost like a wheelbarrow or a hand truck. Coaster White & Natural Finish Kitchen Microwave Cart w/Casters. Is a person able to just add locking caster wheels to a heavy Table saw instead of buying a lift plate for one? I just purchased a Craftsman 22104 and the weight of 300 lbs makes it a bit hard to just push into the corner when I am done. This is my first major Table saw purchase and don’t want to wreck it by pushing it with force.

adding casters to table saw 2There are videos and plans for his table saw and jointer bases and plans only for his (not quite as astounding) mobile band saw base. The 6 bit wooden adding machine. I’ve always resisted adding wheels or a mobile base to my workbenches. Add to My List View Shipping Rates Print This Page. Make your table saw, disc sander or other heavy piece of equipment mobile with this handy mobile base!

To install plate-mount casters, simply position the caster, mark the mounting holes, and drill them. Then, attach the caster with nuts, bolts, and washers. Add your comment. Workshop Project: Making Tools Mobile – Adding Casters. We can make our work area feel larger by putting table saws, band saws, drill presses, assembly tables, clamp racks and scroll saws on wheels. Looking to use casters to make my table saw mobile.

15 Free Mobile Base Plans: Put Your Power Tools On Wheels

adding casters to table saw 3Making your workbench mobile is easy just add swiveling casters. My Ridgid table saw has a built-in foot pedal, step on it once and it is raised up onto 4 casters, step on it again and it is lowered back to the floor. I bought a used heavy table saw and want to put it on a mobile base in the garage. Either use the lock downs on the wheels or add additional ones of your choice. Edited to add – I’m also thinking of adding a bolt beside each wheel that I can screw down if I find that I want the table and saw to sit more firmly on them than on the braked wheels when parked for an extended period. Infeed, side feed, and out feed tables for the cabinet saw. Depending on your stature, adding a few inches with casters can change the operators comfortable view and reach of each work surface. I’m not trying to replace the feet, just add wheels so if I tip it up on one side the wheels take the weight. I see lifting the saw table legs a few inches on to these when your not using it or moving it and than take them out from underneath when you need to use it. Casters from a newer model craftsman table Saw stand. These look to spin freely. Add wheels to move your band saw, table saw or jointer. 30.00. Buy It Now.

Making Your Wood Shop More Mobile

I needed a place to store my table saw along with the reclaimed wood I was purchasing. You might want to add one Caster dead center on the bottom to help support the weight of the shelf I’d worry otherwise that it will begin to Sag. Mounted on casters it can be moved from under the Table saw and used as a handy extra bench top. Add pocket holes to center divider. A mobile base that attaches to the stand of a table saw is disclosed. The mobile base includes wheels and casters that rotate down and lift the saw when a foot pedal is depressed. A plate 101 extends between arms 84 to add strength to the caster mounts by tying them together and to provide a barrier to keep people and items out of the area between the casters. And here I’m showing you how I’ve made my biggest table saw outfeed table to date.