Adding Driftwood To Your Aquarium (DIY Project Download)

If you wish to add a natural elements such as driftwood to your aquarium, you need to spend some time preparing the wood and considering how to best out its best aesthetic qualities. Driftwood, as most of us call it, can be very useful in an aquarium. I’ve achieved good results with boiling both Mopani and Malaysian wood before adding to the tank. It is important to consider how aquarium driftwood will affect your fish before adding driftwood to your tank. Read on for everything you need to know!

adding driftwood to your aquarium 2If it hasn’t you can continue, or weigh it down in your fish tank if you want, by then there shouldn’t be much more for tannins leaching into the water. Some people suggest adding a tiny bit of bleach to kill the bacteria and hitchhikers when you can’t boil the wood. For example, many types of rocks, such as Texas Holey Rock and Limestone, serve as a buffer and will raise the pH of your aquarium. Driftwood, on the other hand, will often lower the pH and soften the water. Before you use driftwood in your tank you need to know a few things about it.

Aquarium driftwood is not necessarily the kind of wood you pick on the beach, driftwood is what any wood that is put into an aquarium is called. To the aquarium enthusiast, it is sought after and widely use for aquascaping. Driftwood can be an esthetically pleasing addition to the aquarium environment. I would suggest a few easy steps to insure the health of your tank. Add chlorine bleach at a 1:50 ratio and soak for the wood for a few days.


Adding driftwood to your aquarium is a great way to get a natural look and imitate the habitat of some fish species. Aquarium suitable wood can be found in many shapes and forms and there is a type. Aquarium driftwood is an excellent addition to a fish tank and is easy to clean, prepare, and stage in your home setup. Follow our simple step-by-step guide. While almost all aquariums can benefit from driftwood, it is an especially critical accessory for tanks that are designed to mimic the blackwater habitats of the Amazon river. Adding natural structures such as driftwood to your aquarium requires some preparation and thought to bring out their best aesthetic qualities. Once driftwood leaches tannins into your aquarium, your water color likely will take on a yellowish-brown appearance. Depending on your water chemistry and the type of driftwood you add, the change can be significant, but it typically is not. What better way to give a natural touch to your aquarium than to add some driftwood? You’ll be amazed with how stunning it looks, and your fish will be thanking you for all the added benefits. This Pin was discovered by Stacy Medina. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. See more about Aquarium, Youtube and Watches.

Aquarium Driftwood Beginners Guide Setting Up, Cleaning, & Hazards To Watch Out For

Much like adding aquatic plants to your aquarium, adding driftwood to your aquarium can certainly add to that eye-popping effect you are looking for. While driftwood offers benefits to almost all types of aquariums, this is an accessory that is particularly critical for aquariums that are created to copy the Amazon River’s black water’ habitats. Including characteristic structures, for example, driftwood to your aquarium obliges some readiness and thought to draw out their best stylish qualities. Driftwood and other regular structures make up a substantial part of your aquarium. Whenever you decide to introduce a new fish species to your aquarium, you need to ensure your water’s pH is aligned with the needs of the new fish’s requirements. Adding driftwood to your tank is a great way to lower the pH of your water, especially since it is natural and recreates similar conditions found in the wild.

Hi all. I want to add a new piece of driftwood to a tank that has been running for about 2 years. Is there anything special I have to do to the.