Adding Molding To Shelves (DIY Project Download)

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I decided to dress them up with a little crown molding to give them a more custom built-in feel. Crown molding of your choice- measure the linear feet around top of bookcase and add the breadth or height of the crown molding for each outer corner (then add 10 just in case). Look twice! It’s a coffee table, an old bookcase, and some paint. Use a plain bookcase and add crown molding to the top and trim down the front. Taaaadaaaa! Spice up your bookshelves with crown molding using this easy DIY tutorial!. But for today, I want to talk bookshelves! First of all, can I just say how much I love them? My friends at Staples were so sweet to provide the much-needed storage for this space, and I just can’t wait to fill all of those shelves up with goodies.

adding molding to shelves 2Ikea hack: adding beveled crown moulding to Billy bookcases. on February 11, 2013. Beveled-crown-moulding-on-billy-bookcase-2. Supplies:. To learn how to add crown molding around your home, read these 24 blog entries. You can buy crown molding fairly inexpensively at home improvement stores, and adding it to a bookcase instantly transforms a plain piece of furniture to something with a little more character. Molding not only conceals unsightly shelf edges, it adds a decorative touch. Strips conceal plywood edges and also can be used to add strength to shelves.

Add a little bling to your bookcases with this mini-make-over. ADDING MOULDING TO THE BOOKCASE. I thought it would be best to go from the bottom up, so the Mister and I started with installing the base moulding first. We mimicked some things we’d done in the past, adding crown like with this set of Billys and baseboard like with these Billys and thicker trim like with these custom built-ins in our family room to make the shelves appear thicker and more substantial.

Ikea Hack: Adding Beveled Crown Moulding To Billy Bookcases

Measure the left end of the shelf. Transfer the measurement to the molding adding 1 inch to the right side of the molding measurement. Identify this piece as belonging to the left side of the shelf. The crown molding wasn’t too hard to find a replica. To continue that custom look Laura filled in all of the unused shelf holes (Kristin goes into detail on that) and took a shelf to get color-matched at the paint store, ensuring the best match. It is a crown moulding wall shelf that is available in two colors: white and dark espresso. Raise builder-grade cabinets to the ceiling, add crown molding and a shelf under the cabinets to fill the dead space. How to Build a Bookcase Fill a nook and display tomes and tchotchkes with easy-to-assemble built-ins. Use 1x trim to create a recessed, finished edge on the front of the shelves. To make sure these nosing pieces will fit tightly between the side trim, hold the 1x trim against the front of the shelves and butted to one side. To finish off the tops, we added some crown molding which was much easier than we anticipated. How to Add Arches to a Bookcase Imperfectly Polished says:. Create an attractive display shelf for the empty space above your kitchen cabinets. F 2-1/4 crown molding cut and mitered to fit over cabinet face and under shelf. Fig.


I guess I need to put my bookcases on my back and start walking up and down the sidewalk. Maybe someone will take pity on me and pull me off the street for a makeover!. Gorgeous bookcase made with Ikea Billy bookcases, glass doors and an IKEA lighting system. Tutorial to Add Beveled Crown Molding on Billy Bookcase (Ikea). Add the height of the base molding + the width of the face frame. For our bookshelf we needed to add 6 1/2 (base molding) + 2 1/2 (face frame) 9. A crown molding shelf is an inexpensive way of adding a new dimension and aesthetics to your wall.

Crown molding looks awesome when combined with shelving. It provides support while adding the look of craftsmanship. Crown molding can be difficult to miter around corners due to its complicated. After measuring, allow that 13-7/8 be left on the side of each bookcase after being properly positioned. Add decorative molding to the top of the bookcases.