Adjusting Old Pocket Doors (DIY Project Download)

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Illustrations from old catalogs are used to identify the wide variety of wheel assemblies, door hangers and tracks/channels from the time period 1875 to 1925. Also, there is a 45 degree angle adjustment screw which raises/lowers the door. Depending on the style of pocket door hardware, the rollers will adjust with a screw driver or a 3/8-inch open end wrench. Around here, the old pocket doors aren’t hung, at all. And that’s easy enough to fix, the rollers are adjustable, from the bottom, just lift & tilt the doors out. Might take most of a day to get the adjustment feature working again, since they’re a hundred years old; but they inevitably are repairable.

adjusting old pocket doors 2Fixing your issue could be very different than the answers posted below. Can you tell us roughly how old the pocket doors are and where you are located? This may help a bit. Complete repair service of vintage and modern pocket doors. Repair and adjust vintage pocket doors, or install new heavy duty hardware systems without major wall removal. Update an old pocket door by replacing it with a new one. Fix It.

Upgrade your door hardware with new pocket door pulls and track to give new life to existing pocket doors in your home. Remove and Replace the Old Track with the New. Adjust the New Hardware. How to Repair a skewed door with This Old House Watch this video from This Old House to learn how fix a unbalanced door. Steps: 1 Close door and check the spacing at the top and latch-side of the door. Luckily I found Barry on Yelp to help fix my broken pocket door.

How To Fix Stuck Pocket Doors?

To adjust the length of the pocket door header before hanging it, remove the end brackets. A pocket door is a great way to pick up usable space that’s normally occupied by a swinging door. Installing a pocket door in a load-bearing wall requires replacing the old header with a longer one. Hook the hangers onto the carriages, and adjust the assembly until the door hangs plumb. Repairing or replacing these vintage door styles. He was able to fix it without any problems. To be more accurate, the track was bent and one of the pocket door trolleys was also bent and fell through the gap. Both told me that the unit was no longer under warrantee and that the only way to fix the problem was to cut a whole in the cabinet near the door so that the old track could be removed with a screwdriver and replaced.

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