Affinity Sideboard Guide (DIY Project Download)

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Sideboard Cards. As far as sideboard options, Affinity is nice because it has access to them all. I run a very common affinity deck. and I’m doing pretty well with it. SCG has a good general affinity guide, along with sideboarding options. Earlier this week I put together a comprehensive guide on how to build Affinity, when the right time is to play the deck, and some of the tips and tricks that people may not know about. I’ve seen some Affinity decks play Gut Shot in the sideboard before, and I assume this is mostly what it’s for.

affinity sideboard guide 2Some all-star cards in current Affinity sideboards are Blood Moon, Ghirapur Aether Grid, Spell Pierce, and Thoughtseize, which all help steal percentage points back in tough matchups. On the other side of the coin, Grixis Delver can fight your game plan with the same cards as Grixis Control, but also apply its own pressure early. Last time, I broke down the best options for your Affinity sideboard. Moreover, the Modern format is changing so rapidly right now with new Eldrazi variants and anti-Eldrazi decks cropping up every day, any fixed guide I give now would likely be out-of-date in a few weeks. I’m no expert on sideboarding but I do believe that I know what I’m doing when it comes to sideboarding and if you want my sideboarding guide it can be found in my signature by clicking on the Affinity link and then scrolling down until you start to see the guide.

An in depth guide to Modern RG Tron, by Fabrizio Anteri. It’s also a joke to pay 8 mana for Lightning Bolt against decks like Affinity. There are plenty of options to run in your sideboard according to your local metagame. Frank Karsten Now that you’ve built the perfect sideboard, Frank is here to show you how to use it in every major matchup! Read Full Article. Affinity deck list with prices for Magic the Gathering (MTG) and Magic the Gathering Online (MTGO).

An Affinity For Victory

mtg affinity sideboard 3So, how do we build the best Affinity deck for Modern? Etched Champion may be bad right now, some decks can’t deal with it at all, making it an extremely valuable sideboard card. Love the confidant in affinity plan. I’ve written this guide to better understand the various Affinity builds and examine their similarities and differences. I’ve left out two cards that are played in every deck either in the sideboard or in the main deck: Etched Champion and Spellskite. Spellskite is great or useful against Affinity, Burn, RG Tron, Infect, Zoo and Scapeshift, which is 45 of the meta. As with any sideboard guide, you should strive to understand the reasons behind each decision. 2) How dead is Affinity to sideboard hate? Some people are inclined to sideboard enchantment hate as an answer to Stony Silence, but that’s an extremely dicey plan. Playing against Affinity? I also believe that for decks that can play it, Fracturing Gust may be the single best sideboard card against Affinity. Although this article examines the Affinity archetype for Legacy, with very minor changes the deck is an absolute house in Modern. The general plan is to sacrifice artifacts to make him big, and then sacrifice him to put 1/ 1 counters on an Ornithopter, Etched Champion or Blinkmoth Nexus. You must relay on the sideboard to make up for such atrocious matchups.

An In-depth Guide To Modern Rg Tron By Fabrizio Anteri

Of course, as insane as Thoughtcast and the Affinity creatures like Frogmite and Myr Enforcer are, the cards that really tie the room together are these six pieces of real estate:. In the sideboard, I ponied up for some Gorilla Shamans, as they are incredible in the mirror match.