Airing Cupboard Heaters (DIY Project Download)

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Costing less than a light bulb to run, this 45W tubular heater is the fantastic low cost heating solution for all sorts of applications where gentle heat is required. Ideal for conservatories, cupboards and airing cupboards, spare bedrooms, wardrobes, greenhouses, in fact anywhere you might want to protect from the cold and damp. Hi all, I am looking for small heater for my airing cupboard. We recently changed to combi boiler and have now lost the hot water tank. We didn’t want small rad in there as it would only come on with. How DAMPCHASER Cupboard Heaters work. Dampchaser cupboard and small space heaters for wardrobes, closets, airing cupboards to eliminate dampness, mold, mildew and musty odours.

airing cupboard heaters 2In the corner of our bedroom, we have a walk in airing cupboard, which in relation to the rest of the house is situated above the staircase, and has two walls that are outside walls (left and back walls as you walk into it) – its got good heavy doors on it, which is good in one respect as they stop draughts coming into the bedroom, but bad in another as the airing cupboard has all the qualities of a fridge. Why, you have immersion heaters in airing cupboards? Bought this as an airing cupboard heater. Fitted it fine and initial thoughts were good. It heated up when switched on. Later found that cut off operated and heater would not restart unless unplugged and reconnected. Although many of our customers successfuly use them in airing cupboards to keep (already dry) clothes and linen aired and dehumidified, Dampp-Chaser cupboard/fitted wardrobe heaters are not intended as airing cupboard heaters for drying clothes which have been put away damp; or for heating large areas such as entire rooms, or for heating areas to a normal room temperature.

A 2ft 80watt tubular heater could be used with a thermostat. Putting a TRV on a rad in an airing cupboard would rarely come on IMO. Find Dampchaser Cupboard & Small Space Heater 100W for the lowest prices at Bunnings Warehouse. The 100 Watt model is ideal for creating an airing cupboard or for larger double wardrobes of approximately 5 to 6 cubic meters.

Heating An Airing Cupboard

DRYZONE 50 Watt De-humidifying Radiant Heaters help prevent costly damage and inconvenience caused by dampness and humidity. The DRYZONE is also a low energy method of providing additional or background heat for drying cabinets, airing cupboards. I’m planning my new house which will be very well insulated, including the DHW cylinder. We want an airing cupboard so I am thinking about putting a small electric tubular heater in there. We moved in last month, and our new home has no airing cupboard. A friend of mine built a special cupboard with a radiator/ heater in it just for this purpose. An airing cupboard is a storage space, sometimes of walk-in dimensions, containing a water heater; either an immersion heater for hot running water or a boiler for central heating water. In the bathroom is an airing cupboard with louvre doors,which face away from the bath but is adjacent to the bath. The customer has asked me to change a few light fittings which is fine and a cracked 20A DP for the immersion heater that is used if the boiler is switched off, WHICH is in the airing cupboard. We have 27 ads found for lofts for sale from 1195. Lofts with photos for your search lofts electric airing cupboard heaters.

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Airing cupboards, wardrobes, individual rooms, churches & large halls, shops, factories, glasshouses, nurseries or dog kennels – anywhere, in fact, that low background heat is needed.