Airing Cupboard Incubator (DIY Project Download)

Incubator in the airing cupboard would be my suggestion. Once the eggs have externally pipped they’re at real risk of membranes drying out and shrink wrapping the chicks. I intended to get a proper incubator, but I found one guy on the internet had hatched out some in a plastic sandwich box in the airing cupboard. It just so happens when I took the thermometer to the airing cupboard after they had hatched the temperature was 36C. I guess any commercially available incubator would need some form of access added to it. This regularly hatches out dozens (in a bad year) to hundreds (in a good year!) of lizards and terrapins and on a couple of occasions, grass snake eggs rescued from destroyed compost heaps! Other breeders use purpose built cupboards otherwise similar or even the old favourite – the bottom of the airing cupboard!

airing cupboard incubator 2Is there any altrenative or is it possible to build my own rather than buy an incubator? We have an airing cupboard. I vagly remember my nan saying they hatched chicks once in one. You can buy custom made incubators or create your own. Your incubator should have been on for a couple of days and running at a steady temperature before placing you eggs in it.

Build your own incubator using recycled material. The lunch box and airing cupboard seem to be having a good success rate! thanks for sharing your experiences. I also have a polysterene box on standby to make my own incubator if needed. It would depend on how warm your airing cupboard is as to whether eggs will hatch in there. The temperature is lower on the floor of the incubator, and increases vertically because the warm air rises within the incubator space. If your house is warmed by a solid fuel stove, then store the eggs by the stove, or in the airing cupboard, during the power cut.

Incubating Quail Eggs Without An Incubator Farming Friends

airing cupboard incubator 3Incubators. If you are lucky enough to have a well-behaved airing cupboard which maintains the correct temperature, you may never need to build an incubator. Egg Incubator I wish to build a simple 12 volt circuit for a small incubator. If it’s a one off the airing cupboard will work – Keep an eye on them. Commercial reptile-egg incubators are available. You can however make do with less. What we do not recommend is relying upon airing cupboards or light bulbs as your heat source.

Incubating Quail Eggs Without An Incubator Farming Friends