Alter Table Nologging (DIY Project Download)

You can also specify LOGGING or NOLOGGING for the following operations:. Using the NOLOGGING option can be a time saver, but it can also put you at risk if you do not use it wisely. Let’s alter the USERS tablespace to NOLOGGING (step not shown below), create a new table, and check its logging status. Nologging can be overriden at tablespace level using alter tablespace. 3.ALTER TABLE statements (move/add/split/merge/modify partitions).

alter table nologging 2In Oracle Database NOLOGGING option used together with DIRECT mode speeds up transactions executed in a database because it limits information that Oracle writes about such transactions into redo l. ALTER TABLE test_tbl NOLOGGING;. ALTER TABLE TABLE1 MOVE TABLESPACE TS1 NOLOGGING PARALLEL;. Therefore, with your first statement Oracle will move the table to a new segment on the same tablespace, while in the other two statements Oracle will move the table to a new segment on the specified tablespace (respectively TS1 and TS2). Hi, This is a actually a follow up for my previous questions about rebuilding indexes.. What is the effect of the nologging keywork? I was under the impression that using nologging while.

Nologging And Recovery In Oracle

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