American Girl Doll Bedroom Tours (DIY Project Download)

American Girl Ideas is a doll blog that discusses topics like American Girl Doll, Dollhouse, Bedroom, DIY Crafts, Doll, Opening, Set Up & Reviews. See more about American Girl Dollhouse, American Girl Dolls and Doll Houses. Description: American Girl Doll Bedroom Tour Come tour my bedroom and see all of my dolls, American Girl accessories, my dollhouse, American Girl Pets and many of my other favorite things.

american girl doll bedroom tours 2Girl dolls. See American Girl doll pictures and 18 inch dolls. Subscribe on YouTube for American Girl Doll House Room Tours and more! I call it an American Girl Doll House but it’s more like a collection of IKEA Pax wardrobes, which house our AG Doll collection. As we improve the rooms, we’ll be doing updated room tours, but I don’t expect to add any more rooms – after all, 21 big rooms (and 4 box rooms ) should be more than enough.

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