Andersen 400 Series Gliding Door Installation Instructions (DIY Project Download)

andersen 400 series gliding door installation instructions 1

Components of Andersen replacement sliding patio door. First, we read the instructions. Then we laid out all the parts on a flat surface. I found the installation instructions simple, but a bit confusing at times and a little vague in some areas. We installed Andersen Architectural Series Casement Windows and Doors throughout. Read the clear step by step installation instructions included with the well packaged replacement sash. All 400 series windows have performed beautiful. We installed our Andersen gliding door 15 years ago and in the last two months, there has been condensation in between the glass on the stationary door.

andersen 400 series gliding door installation instructions 2For factory assembled gliding patio doors the product looks nearly identical to the current design. New installation instructions clarify how to assemble the interlock to the stationary panel. Andersen 400 series Sliding door, French wood Interior (painted white) Sandstone Exterior color. Like new condition with complete installation instructions in original box. Stained, leaded, and beveled glass panels custom made to fit your Andersen windows. Series 200 window, Series 400 Woodwright window, sliding window, or sliding door. We provide an installation kit and simple-to-follow instructions.

The storm door comes pre-hung from the factory with drip caps, sweep, and lock case in place, which speeds installation. Andersen now has window opening control devices available for select casement, double-hung, single-hung, and gliding window models. An install kit includes screws, shims, backer rod and full instructions.

Andersen A-series, 400 Series And 200 Series New Interlock Weatherstrip And Sill Block

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