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I have an Anderson sliding patio door with a latch style lock. The latch is very loose and I can pull the door open when the lock is engaged. Andersen Door Parts: Sliding Doors Parts and hardware for windows, doors, closet doors, shower doors and more. Cylinder Lock – Sliding Patio Door, 5 Pin Tumbler – Keyed Alike. Repair Parts. Andersen’s Tribeca internal lock thumb latch replacement fits 200 Series Narroline Gliding Doors (2002 to Present), Frenchwood Gliding Doors (1987 to Present), and Perma-Shield Gliding Doors (1982 to Present). Andersen sliding door latch replacement This discussion includes image(s).

anderson sliding door lock problem 2Shop our selection of Andersen, Sliding Door Locks in the Tools & Hardware Department at The Home Depot. The latch retracts completely when the door is opened, but will swing out of the slot if the door handle is jiggled or bumped. An Andersen tech mechanic should be able to fix your problem, but it is annoying, and also a shame that it has happened and scarred the frames. I installed a Jeldwen patio door for a customer a few months ago and had a helluva time getting the sliding panel in and out of the frame. I was looking at Andersen Frenchwood hinged doors recently. I have not noticed that problem with our Frenchwood door in our new house.

As many others have written, I purchased an Andersen Storm Door, 3000 model. I purchased an Andersen PermaShield 200-Series Sliding Glass Patio door, and it won’t close completely unless it is latched. Of course they never mentioned the lock solution to fix the problem was also just a cheaply made plastic piece (not metal) for the 27 dollars Is a metal lock that actually attaches to the door too much to ask for a 27 dollar replacement I had to pay for to replace the tape? I even mentioned I was unhappy enough with their solution that I would write about my bad experience with them and their door, to let everyone know about these issues and that did not faze them at all! Buyers beware. For those AnderSEN defenders out there, the fact that the door is designed to close over time is absurd. The simple answer to the problem is to add a keyed cylinder to the slider. I can push the lever down to lock the latch in place, but if I wiggle the door a little the lever springs back to open position and unlatches itself. I personally wouldnt even bother replacing it. Sliding glass door latches are at BEST. I had problems with a door like this and all I had to do was adjust that piece a little and it latched perfectly.


Would you like to get your sliding glass door running smoothly again? Problem is, my anderson sliding doors won;t open now. I going to attempt to service my sliding door, My sliding door does not lock and when closed there is gap On the my bottom lower right slide that is open, I assume there is adjustment to correct so I do not loose heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. Gliding door auxiliary lock: Andersen WindowsBayport, MN800-888-7020www. The problem I found was the doors and windows were delaminating, funneling water into the core of the door. Ever since my house was built in 2001 these Andersen windows get wet at the bottom of the windows by the wood as well as by where you lock the windows. We installed our Andersen gliding door 15 years ago and in the last two months, there has been condensation in between the glass on the stationary door. Basic ideas for swift solutions of anderson sliding door lock problem. Andersen Frenchwood Gliding Patio Door Parts. Replace your existing patio door screen or if your screen is torn you can fix it with a re-screening kit. This door lock goes on the exterior of the operating panel and allows the door to be locked or unlocked with a key. He replaced my broken sliding door latch with better hardware and explained clearly what he was doing every step of the way. They replaced the rollers on our Anderson door.

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How to Fix a Sliding Glass Door Lock Andersen Patio Door Key Types. Decorative door locks, replicas of many classic American designs. Anderson sliding door locks 1. Whether it’s the front-door lock that won’t let you into your own home, or the cracked window that won’t keep the cold out, small household problems can have a big effect. Whether it’s the front-door lock that won’t let you into your own home, or the cracked window that won’t keep the cold out, small household problems can have a big effect. There is almost no sliding patio door in Las Vegas we cannot fix.