Android Drawer Layout Example (DIY Project Download)

android drawer layout example 1

The first thing we need to do is modify the layout for our Activity. In this example we will use a simple String array as our data set for the list, and an ArrayAdapter to adapt the data. In this example, the DrawerLayout contains two child views; one FrameLayout for main content, and a ListView for the navigation drawer. Second Child – Sliding Drawer Content. For Example look at the structure below.

android drawer layout example 2There’s lots of code, and even a sample app to download. 1. First up, modify your layout to be a drawer layout, and give yourself two children to work with:. In the example shown above, the nav drawer is 56dp from the right edge of the screen. Maximum width: The maximum width of the nav drawer is 280dp on mobile and 320dp on tablet. Nav drawer on Android. Lollipop Navigation Drawer Example Step by Step. Before we start Lollipop Navigation Drawer, make sure you update to latest SDK.

Material ‘s normal status bar coloring so that DrawerLayout can draw there instead. This can be any view, LinearLayout is just an example. Package com.example.androiddrawerlayout; import; import android.os.Bundle; import android.view.LayoutInflater; import android. Inside the DrawerLayout, add one view that contains the main content for the screen (your primary layout when the drawer is hidden) and another view that contains the contents of the navigation drawer. Open Nuget and search for For example within v7 we have v7 appcompat library, v7 cardview library, v7 gridlayout library etc.

Implementing The New Navigation Drawer In Android

This example illustrates a common usage of the DrawerLayout widget in the Android support library. Create a Navigation Drawer using the new Navigation View included in the design support library. I won t talk here about the header, because it can be any layout you want, but you can check an example at the Github repo. So last weeks release of the Android Design Support Library came as a relief to many. The basic setup is pretty straightforward, you add a DrawerLayout and NavigationView to your main layout resource:. For example: the ActionBarDrawerToggle and the DrawerLayout are both tied to the AppCompat library.