Android Drawer Layout Width (DIY Project Download)

According to the Material Design specs the Nav Drawer’s width on mobile devices must be side nav width screen width – app bar height How do we implement this on android? I have two partial. You have to manual calculate the screen size and set dynamic width to the drawer layout at runtime, here is how to get device Screen Width and Height at run time. MarginLayoutParams Summary.

android drawer layout width 2GMail for Android. tl;dr version is, as always, in the last section. Maximum width: The maximum width of the nav drawer is 280dp on mobile and 320dp on tablet. This is calculated by multiplying the standard increment by five (the standard increment is 56dp on mobile and 64dp on tablet). Nav drawer on Android. Navigation Drawer over the Action Bar/ App Bar we made in the previous post. To initiate the Navigation Drawer we need to use the XML tag as shown below and as with any other view you have to set the layout attributes such as Height, Width, and Id etc. Drawer Layout should have two child views.

The drawer is given a fixed width in dp and extends the full height of. Add In this example, the DrawerLayout contains two child views; one FrameLayout for main content, and a ListView for the navigation drawer. I have a DrawerLayout with a FrameLayout for the content and a ListView for the drawer. I want the opened drawer to be just as wide as needed to fit all the items widths. Tags: android, navigation-drawer, drawerlayout.

Material Navigation Drawer Sizing Tips Medium

android drawer layout width 3I’d like to create a full width navigation drawer. Setting layout_width to match_parent on +id/left_drawer yields in width of about 80 of screen space. Simple Navigational Drawer Layout in Android. The drawer width should be no more than 320dp so the user can always see a portion of the main content. A DrawerLayout is intended to be used as the top-level content view using match_parent for both width and height to consume the full space available. I am using the MasterDetailPage for the NavigationDrawer on Android. Sorry about the code layout, for some reason it doesn’t like me.

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