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Click to download Drawer, History, Drawer icon icon from Android Lollipop Iconset by dtafalonso. Iconset: Android Lollipop Icons (50 icons) License: CC Attribution-No Derivative 4. I have accidentally deleted my app drawer from my home dock. Can someone please help? I’m pretty tech savvy and am having an impossible time finding a. I’m brand new oneplus and the android world all together. The circle with three little dots is what I mean. Still, no soluion to actually recovering that app drawer icon? Is there a way to default reset the icons or display that would do this?. Inside the update, users are treated to a new Lollipop app drawer option, giving off the same look and feel if your phone was running Android 5. JSo. Long press the app drawer icon then tap the icon in the popup window.

android lollipop app drawer icon 2The Nova Launcher devs added a number of Lollipop-themed features in the most recent update, but what’s still lacking is the new style of app drawer seen in the Lollipop version of the Google Now Launcher. Put the folder on your desktop in place of the usual App Drawer icon. While it is still uncertain whether Android N will have an app drawer, it’s time to ask the question: do we really even need an app drawer in Android?. Think about it: you’d have Google Now to the left, your primary home screen next, perhaps a calendar and email widget on the next two screens and then several pages of app icons. Since the app drawer went from paginated in Lollipop to scrollable in Marshmallow, that change could very well have been a precursor to this transition: after all, it’s actually physically possible for a scrollable app drawer, like Google Now which is also scrollable, to take up only one page of the home screen, leaving plenty of other pages to the right of it for the user’s customization enjoyment. Grid Android. such as bug fixing, optimized performance, app folders, icon pac.

Hide Google search bar, hide apps from launcher, change grid size of homescreen and app drawer, change icon size, change text size, change hotseat count, remove icon labels and more to come. You can get the assets you want from the official github account of Google. Here the link for the xxhdpi density ic_menu_white xxhdpi. And set it to your Action bar with the method setIcon(). I have this bug in lollipop on my nexus 5 where when you tap the app drawer icon and then the tap home button consecutively for about 10 seconds, it opens a random app. Also is there any place that gives an overview of the Android OS with a list of terms and their definitions? I know that this is a fairly newbie set of questions, but I never fully got an understanding of what terms refer to in the Droid world. Hi guys, I think it’s called the ‘app drawer’ icon, basically when you click on this icon you will see all of your apps.

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An earlier Lollipop ROM on my Xperia Z1 compact had the option to sort the apps alphabetically in a very nice way: Apps were put in a matrix with one row per letter, and the apps sorted alphabetically. Remove the white background on app drawer on Android 5.1. However, when I check the app drawer, the icon is still there. Wouldn’t you normally go to the app drawer and drag the icon back to one of your screens? So what do you do if you don’t have an app drawer, like on the A10? Is there a simple solution which doesn’t involve installing a different android launcher? Thanks Solved! Go to Solution. If he accidentally deletes some of the app icons from his screens, how do I restore those? I guess if it’s an app downloaded from the Play store then I could just un-install it and re-install it? But what if it’s an app pre-installed by Lenovo? Wouldn’t you normally go to the app drawer and drag the icon back to one of your screens? So what do you do if you don’t have an app drawer, like on the A10? Is there a simple solution which doesn’t involve installing a different android launcher? In Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google introduced a white background to the app drawer screens. Go into your app drawer and there will be a new icon in there called Google Now Launcher. So what if you want to have full control like changing icons, or having some handy gesture control? You can install Nova Launcher. The app drawer on stock Android Lollipop tends to get boring with no customization. In case you’re not familiar with the app drawer, it’s the icon on the bottom of your Android device’s display that you can click to access all the applications on your device, not just the ones that are on your home screen. That will remove one of the apps’ icon from displaying on your screen.

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This can cause the Android app menu and home screen to look unprofessional, bringing to mind more of a hoarder’s house than a neatly arranged list of apps. Not only your app icons turn to meet the new landscape view, but the notification cards and app drawer change orientation, as well. When my phone switches to the new battery saver mode in android lollipop, app icons inside folders disappear. Adding to my previous comment, the same bug effects the app drawer. Not that most users will see Android 5.0 Lollipop right away. See also: Google Starts Doling Out Android 5. Homescreen icons got flatter, and the navigational icons along the bottom are simple geometric shapes triangle for back, circle for home and square for the new app switcher/notification function. This nuance is most obvious in the app drawer.