Android Navigation Drawer Collapsible (DIY Project Download)

You can start with ExpandableListView and writing your own ExpandableListAdapter and use that as your drawer item. This repo is very helpful as far as setting up what you are looking for. A few kinks here and there, but right up your question’s alley. Comment with any questions! Navigation drawer list class package com.example.navigation; import java.util. ActionBarDrawerToggle; import Android: Navigation Drawer SubMenu: How to Collapsible navigation items.

android navigation drawer collapsible 2Hello all, I would like to move from a standard NavigationDrawer which uses the ActionBar and Fragments and implement Collapsible navigation. Today I have published new Android Material Design Navigation Drawer Example. Make sure to include appcompat_v7 to example project Download Source Code Output: ShowFollow us on TwitterFollow Arevico. This is an attempt to make a Facebook-like navigation panel for Sencha Touch 2. A collapsible slide navigation would be useful for applications that have long list of menu items on their navigation panel.

NavigationView is an another component in design support library, using which we can create a navigation drawer menu for the android application. At launch, the initial state of the collapsible items is up to you. As a rule, all top-level view entries of the navigation drawer should be visible. If you have many collapsible items, consider collapsing all items to allow the user to see the top-level views in their entirety. The mSecure navigation drawer can be accessed by tapping the mSecure key logo.

Navigation Drawer With Collapsible Navigation Items

android navigation drawer collapsible 3Digg for Android lets you sign-in to the service via Facebook, Google, or Twitter. As with almost every other app these days, Digg uses a collapsible navigation drawer that opens and closes with a tap of the menu icon in the top left corner of the app. Collapsing Toolbar with tabs is feature of new android design support library. I’m looking for a way to implement a Collapsible navigation Drawer items. later the Items and there Sub-Items will be dynamically loaded at the start. In this tutorial, you will learn to implement expandable and collapsible layout or view or widget with material design color and animation effect in your android app/game. Android Navigation Drawer View: Material Design Support Library. The Navigation Drawer is a commonly used component in modern applications, implementing it over and over was never a quick process – until now! The new NavigationView component can simply be placed within our DrawerLayout (see code example below) and display our navigation items from the referenced menu resource.

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