Android Navigation Drawer Tutorial Video (DIY Project Download)

The navigation drawer is a panel that displays the app’s main navigation options on the left edge of the screen. Our Android navigation drawer example and tutorial explains and will help you learn how to create your own navigation drawer – fast and step by step. I found the following video helpful too. The side navigation drawer is a useful way to present options to the user, and it’s easier than ever to add one to an app in Android. I just uploaded video with drawer + fragments.

android navigation drawer tutorial video 2This Android Tutorial video shows how to build a navigation drawer using Material Design specifications suggested by Google. In this video we track whether the navigation drawer was shown before the user or not in a boolean variable and store that variable in a SharedPreferences. Tutorial to create a custom android navigation drawer like gmail, youtube. You can find source code and video demonstration of this tutorial at end of this page. The navigation drawer is a list ListView of options on the left edge of the screen. Related posts from Android Tutorial.

Read More. In this tutorial I present my Android NavigationDrawer Example. I have been asked for this many times and I hope to clear everything up. Android tutorial about implementing app slider menu using navigation drawer. This tutorial covers how to use the navigation drawer (Navigation View) with the new material design support libraries, and use fragments to change the window w. Can you make a video tutorial on how to implement SearchView after the CSV file have been imported into listview.

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android navigation drawer tutorial video 3This Android Tutorial video shows the steps to implement navigation drawer in Android. Android Navigation Drawer Example Step by Step Guide. 1. Change activity_main.xml to navigation drawer layout. TechSprint provides you with the latest filtered news, while keeping you up-to-date. Submit your posts or videos to be listed on the website. Tap on the menu button to bring out the navigation drawer. Please like and subscribe if this video helped you:). Tutorial Android Navigation Drawer – Google Maps & Fragments – Part 1/2 – Setting up the project. This video Demonstrate how to make a navigation drawer using navigation view and how to add it into an android application. 19. Navigation Drawer. I’m searching for a good tutorial to learn how to use navigation drawers. There are 2 or 3 videos going over the navigation drawer in that playlist.

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How to Embed YouTube Video in Android WebView. This tutorial teaches you to implement navigation drawer view in android WebView application. Tutorial – Android Material Navigation Drawer with Swipe Tabs using design support library from Android Believe. Before we begin, lets first checkout the output video to warm you up.