Android Sliding Menu Using Navigation Drawer Source Code (DIY Project Download)

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You can get all the images in the source code of this tutorial. We need another image to replace the action bar up icon to toggle navigation drawer. Android Sliding Menu Using Navigation Drawer Example. I have edited the images and added to the drawable resource directory which you can find inside the download source code. The others are similar and can be found in source code. Each fragment contains a TextView to describe the current screen.

android sliding menu using navigation drawer source code 2Android – Make Sliding Menu by Navigation Drawer with Material Design style. You may see this and think about how to implement same functionality in older versions, but now not to worry because using android appcompat support library, we can give same effect to older versions of android app. Source code for adapter:. Below you can find the screen shot of an Android sliding menu app using a navigation drawer. The complete code is after the explanation. Android Sliding Menu Example- how to make android sliding menu with WebView. Android navigation drawer view tutorial with webview. The final code of your styles.xml file looks like this.

(The finished source is available at the end of this article.) All you need is an Activity, though. Opinions may vary on this, but I personally prefer a hamburger menu or some kind of icon in the Action Bar that lets me know the navigation drawer is there. Read the material design style navigation drawer document for specs on styling your navigation drawer. Make sure to setup the Google Design Support Library before using Google’s new NavigationView, announced as part of the Android M release. Create a new layout file res/layout/toolbar.xml with the following code:. It’s Guideline and sample can be found in detail in the android support library v13, but I’d mention an approach pretty straight forward like piece of cake with Source Code. What is Navigation Drawer (Sliding Menu Navigation)? Drawer positioning and layout is controlled using the android:layout_gravity attribute on child views corresponding to which side of the view you want the drawer to emerge from: left or right.


Android navigation drawer a sliding menu and it’s an important UI componen. In this tutorial we’ll implement the navigation drawer using the Drawer Layout API present in Android Support Library. The source code is given below:. Since, Google has introduced the NavigationDrawer in the android. A few days ago, i wrote a tutorial about creating a sliding menu using the SlidingMenu library. The whole source code of the project is also available on github. In this tutorial I describe about the slide menu navigation drawer in android. So in this tutorial I have implemented this navigation drawer features by using of sherlock library. Now Lets Start the Coding to implements the Slid Menu Navigation Drawer in android. We will create a custom side menu navigation drawer using ActionBarSherlock Library and on menu item click will show different fragment views. Refer to Implementing ActionBarSherlock in Android tutorial. // between the sliding drawer and the action bar app icon. Source Code. The title is Impleneting a Navigation Drawer in Android – Find Nerd. Source code also provided in zip file attached to the blog. I’m not sure how to do that, but you’ll probably find the answer in the source code for the IO app.

How To Add A Navigation Drawer In Android

Navigation Drawer and Action Bar tutorial with readily deployable source code. One of its coolest features is the new navigation drawer that combines a sliding menu along with vertical navigator that links to yours app’s various activities and a user profile display on top. The eBook accompanying this tutorial, explains step-wise–with code snippets and screenshots–the entire process of implementing the new material design navigation drawer in your app using Android Studio. The eBook accompanying this tutorial, explains step-wise–with code snippets and screenshots–the entire process of implementing the new material design navigation drawer in your app using Android Studio. I think i’m almost decided on using SlidingMenu link to repo. It looks like Navigation Drawer uses supportv4 so both implementations should be compatible going back in the sdk. Yes, navigation is nothing but the various menus that navigates people form one page to other. Being an app developer one should know how to create navigation drawer, of course you will have the code for navigation drawer from many source code site. Step 6: Here you bound navigation drawer to activity_main, to get the code you can simply copy from default navigation drawer activity available in android studio just make sure that you are using proper id and resources name like drawables name, strings etc. Navigation Drawer. Now we will see how we can start using this in our code. You can download the complete source code from here.