Animal Bedding Pellets (DIY Project Download)

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Pinnacle’s Bagged Pellets. Residential fuel pellets are available in 40-pound (18.15-kg) bags on pallets of 2,000, 2,200 or 2,400 pounds, for optimum shipping. Animal Bedding Pellets: Pet Comfort. Not that I can find, This guy: O2Compost — Horse Bedding explains the essential difference. Basically fuel pellets can be dustier than bedding pellets, and there are rumors that fuel pellets contain sawdust from facilities that process laminate, which potentially means (if the rumor is true) that there might be tiny grains of plastic or glue residue in fuel pellets. Our condensed pine wood pellet bedding is the next generation of horse bedding!

animal bedding pellets 2America’s Choice Bedding Pellets All Natural Animal Bedding. More Absorbent – Highly compressed pellets expand to absorb more than conventional bedding. Pine pelletized horse bedding. Pine pellets keep stall cleaner longer and reduces stall maintenance. Wood pellets are the most eco-friendly, efficient and comfortable way to keep animal warm and dry. It is a better choice when using as bedding material, as it can create an absorbent, comfortable bedding area.

Animal bedding supply across the UK. A specially developed straw pellet offers a dust free alternative to loose straw and wood shavings. Dry Den Animal Bedding is pelleted horse bedding or horse stall bedding used for all animals. 100 Natural horse bedding pellets for horses & other animals. Find Tractor Supply Co. Pine Pellet Stall Bedding, 40 lb. in the Horse Stall EquipmentBedding Brand: Tractor Supply Co. Material: Southern.

American Wood Fibers Quality Equine Bedding Products

animal bedding pellets 3Sorbeo is a super absorbent wood pellet based horse bedding that provides a high quality and cost effective bed. A friend recommended wood stove pellets to supplement shavings to help absorb urine. Says they are the same as the ones labeled for horses but half the cost. Good quality animal bedding is essential for maintaining the health of valuable animals. Marth Wood Shavings animal bedding is manufactured using rigorous quality control standards. Dust free horse bedding for superior hygiene and easier stable management. It is totally superior to wood pellets, a very different texture when it has broken down. The Balcas Brite wood pellets we supply are perfect for use as comfortable bedding for your horse and other animals. Call us on 0151 236 9181. Woodscape offers clean, dry, and screened animal bedding to help keep your animals clean and healthy.

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PlanetWise Products offers natural pine pellet horse and animal bedding. Our environmentlly friendly Equine Fresh product is also suitable for rabbit bedding, guinea pig bedding and stall bedding. Equustock brands are premium products in the Horse Bedding, Cat Litter, Absorbent and Fuel Pellet categories.