Anti Tron Sideboard (DIY Project Download)

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I think Tron is extremely well positioned right now with the format turning into a grind fest. I’m considering switching to Tron myself, and I. RG Tron is the deck I have the most experience with in Modern, so that’s the one we’ll use. The idea is that even if we wanted to build a 15 card anti-Jund sideboard it would not make sense, because we don’t have 15 cards to take out! This is a strategy employed by the guys over at the Brainstorm Show, although I’m sure it has older origins. Next, I’ll move into strong sideboard and maindeck cards for the Infect matchups. So here are some guidelines for choosing anti-Infect technology. UW Tron and 4C Gifts are two exceptions to this, although there is probably some unexplored space with other decks as well.

anti tron sideboard 2I’ve been building a Modern control deck based around the Gifts reanimator engine. Crucible of Worlds can make a powerful combo with Ghost Quarter and that would force the Tron to bring in anti-hate from the sideboard. Instead, you need more of your sideboard cards to pull double or even triple duty. Polish’s Top 10: Modern Sideboard Cards So GP Richmond will be bound to be the BIGGEST MTG event since Vegas. This card affects the obvious Affinity player, but it also stops Pod, Tron, Spellskites, and just about any annoying equipment. The best anti-graveyard hate card ever printed.

Anti-tron. The owner of this deck hasn’t added a sideboard, they probably should. Urza’s Tower, Urza’s Power Plant, and Urza’s Mine these three lands together assemble what we call Tron. From what I know, there have only been two decks in the competitive history of the game to use these lands: green-based ramp decks and blue-based Tron decks, the latter uses those lands as a way to close the game through Mindslaver + Academy Ruins lock, but don’t necessarily need them to function up until later in the game. I once played Slaughter Games in modern against a storm deck, naming Grapeshot. I’m wondering how to sideboard with red and white against Melira Pod, Tron, Affinity.

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anti tron sideboard 3In particular, Modern is a format that is not very friendly for pros. Much like Legacy, Modern is incredibly deep and has many arcane interactions that you can best learn through experience. Tron, Storm, Living End, and Affinity all fall into this category. Analysis of the Deck ‘Junk anti Tron & Burn’ – Forest, Godless Shrine, Marsh Flats, Overgrown Tomb, Plains, Swamp, Tectonic Edge, Temple Garden, Treetop Village,. General tips for playing RG Tron in Modern Never for fall the temptation to play 19 lands. If RG Tron is a poor choice (Splinter Twin is currently dominating, for example) you are probably better off playing an entirely different deck than trying to tune your sideboard to a anti-tron metagame. Tron’s sideboard is there to try and shore up its bad match ups (shockingly obvious). I assume kaijin is supposed to be anti aggro, but i think bottle gnomes would be better. Modern has more combo decks than Legacy or Vintage and with good reason: Force of Will isn’t legal! Pro Tour Born of the Gods was literally 50 combo, with over 60 combo at the top tables! Combo isn’t just incredibly popular; it’s incredibly strong. Additionally, the more anti-Zoo cards people play, the better it is for Storm, among the least interactive of the combo decks. Fulminator Mage covers the other side, attacking Tron lands; Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle; and combo decks trying to get to four mana and providing more disruption while fueling a possible turn 4 Living End. Le jeu pack donc les douze lands Tron, mais aussi un playset complet de Temple Eldrazi, donnant ainsi une quantit ph nom nale de mana tout aussi rapidement qu’un jeu Tron classique.

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Anti Tron-Mill-Ramp; Atarka Ramp; Atarka Red; Better Rainbow S. GW Eldrazi Ramp. Spellskite: Not all Tron decks run this card in the maindeck anymore. I, however, really like it since it shores up some awful matchups in Burn, Infect, Twin, and, to a lesser extent, Amulet Bloom. I get that Claim is anti-Bloodmoon, anti-Twin hate though where Needle doesn t help (you can get technical and name Pestermite/Deceiver Exarch vs twin or just name Kiki if it s a Kiki matchup though). Boarding with Jund against Tron obviously depends on what your sideboard is but I’m not a huge fan of bringing in graveyard hate. Here you upgrade all the anti creature things to counters or things that stop Ascension or Past in Flames.

According to the metagame data the guys at Masters of Modern gathered, these two decks make up nearly a quarter of this format together. Does nothing in multiples but back-breaking against Affinity and helpful against Tron. The ways to approach Modern, given the advent of delve. Pod becoming less popular is unfortunate for Tron, as it’s one of Tron’s best matchups, but decks like Martyr are what this deck wants to see. Snapcaster Mage adds more copies of everything, and is worth the minor anti-synergy it has with Dig Through Time.