Antique Bed Converter Rails (DIY Project Download)

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My mom bought our double size antique cast iron bed frame for me straight out of college. So that means I have been sleeping on my antique double bed for almost 5 years. Convert your antique full size bed and use queen size bedding with full to queen converter bed rails. Full to queen converter rails allow you to use queen size bedding on most full size beds!. Mike woke up with an idea for converting the full size antique bed into a queen size antique bed. Removed full size mattress and box spring set to gain access to the embedded bolts of the antique wooden side rails.

antique bed converter rails 2Cgrande, where have you found clamp converter rails? I have a similar problem to yours. My antique wooden bed does not have hooks or bolts, but a keyhole attachment. I need to adapt a modern bed frame to an antique headboard and footboard. Modifying a full-size antique bed to fit a queen-size mattress. Up at the headboard, you just move the rails out some and adjust the side details to accommodate.

Converting an Antique Bed to a Modern Queen or King Size – The Harp Gallery More. If you want an extra sturdy Full to Queen converter rail set we also offer one with three supports verses one. I recommend this for heavy headboards and antique beds. Many antique beds are this size. Since we sell full to queen converter rails customers call us to ask if we sell anything that will convert a three quarter bed to a full size bed.

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antique metal bed rails 3If you are fortunate enough to own an antique bed, you probably desire to use this heirloom rather than store it in the attic. To maintain the unique character of each antique bed, the original side rails should be lengthened and used whenever possible. I have an antique 4 poster full size bed. I have a bunch of antique beds. Then new rails were built and joined to the headboard and footboard in the same manner as the original. Your four poster bed may not be a good choice for this type of conversion because the posts won’t be at the corners after the conversion. 80-inch conversion rails on the market with either the standard double hooks or bolt-on mounts replace the original 74 rails to make such conversions. Antique beds typically fit a double- or full-size mattress, as those sizes were the only options available. Converter rails turn an antique bed into a modern piece of furniture. Hardware RL061 Rustic Coat Hook Rail (ATG_RL061084), Antique White,. I recently did this with my full sized antique iron bed and it works great!

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Find the right size mattress and foundation for your antique bed. The width of the mattress should fit snugly across the side rails — with slats installed — but its length should allow four or five inches space to tuck in blankets at the foot and sheets at the head. Beautiful Antique Iron Beds, Antique Furniture, Antique and Collectible Lamps and Glass, Primitives and much more. We no longer do conversions other than queen rail extensions. I am looking for ideas that have worked in converting antique full size beds to accomodate queen size mattress. I think that’s what they essentially did with this antique bed conversion here:.

We are the only business (that we know of ) that specializes in matching rails to antique iron beds. We also offer tools to extend your bed to the next size for example, full to queen.