Antique Bed Rail Extenders (DIY Project Download)

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Martha Stewart learns how antique bed frames are made to fit modern sized beds from Jeffrey Jenkins of Leonard’s New England. While using antique bed frames and new wood decreases the antique value, the finished product is both beautiful and useable. The metal part would support the bed while the side rail would just be decorative. My parents ran into this problem years ago, and they had a friend who did welding and metal work create a custom extender that they used at the foot of the bed — so instead of the rail attaching to the footboard, it attached to the extender which attached to the footboard. Now, we could replace the wooden side rails with longer ones. That would be the logical way to extend the length of the bed and make it the right size to accept both a modern mattress and a modern tall male except that the side rails were custom-cut to fit into certain-sized holes in the headboard and footboard, and the hardware has long long ago gone missing.

antique bed rail extenders 2I purchased a brushed metal bed frame a few years ago while I. So, I began looking for rail extenders. So, if you’re in the Sacramento area and want to convert your antique metal bed by extending its length, give him a call. Convert your antique full size bed and use queen size bedding with full to queen converter bed rails. Full to queen converter rails allow you to use queen size bedding on most full size beds! If your bed is taller than 11, please order a leg extender kit: PLX-18. BED Width Extenders, (Set of 4) converts full to queen ( width only. These will work on both types of rails (regular angle up) and inverted angle down.

Modifying a full-size antique bed to fit a queen-size mattress. How can I update this very stubborn antique bed frame so the mattress fits properly? The rails curve inward at each end rather than continue straight to meet the headboard and footboard. I was pondering some sort of funky extender with just the puzzle bits, but I remembered I’m an idiot and that wouldn’t get past the curves. What you would need to do is make a short bedrail with a hook on one end and a receiver on the other that match your old rail hardware.

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antique wood bed rails 3I need to adapt a modern bed frame to an antique headboard and footboard. Rhoda R on Jan 31, 2016. If you are picturing an angle-iron bed frame side rails you’re almost there The angle-iron on converta-rails is upside-down, as the box spring now sits on top of the rails, rather than inside the rails Two clips on each side keep the box spring from shifting left to right You can’t really notice/see the iron under the box spring After installation even my most fussy customers always said Gee, that’s not as bad as I thought, boy. I have an antique spool bed full size and want to get convert to queen. Remember when I mentioned the antique bed that I repainted for our daughter’s bedroom makeover? We bought this bed before our daughter was born for 25 out of a barn that it had been stored in for who knows how long. I’ve seen Convertarail kits with the metal side rails, but I would really rather build adapters for the current wood side rails or build new side rails entirely, for sake of aesthetics. I think that’s what they essentially did with this antique bed conversion here:. I’d be wary about bolting any kind of extenders to the rails, because I doubt they could handle a lot of torque. BED RAIL Extenders, ( set of 4) Extension full to queen, ( width only).

How To Make An Antique Full-size Bed Into A Queen-size Bed. Sort Of