Antique Bed Rail Hooks (DIY Project Download)

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Find great deals on eBay for Antique Bed Rails in Antique Beds and Bedrooms Sets From the Early 1900's. Set of Two Double Hook Steel Bed Rails – Full Size (R136). Find great deals on eBay for Bed Rail Hooks in Beds and Bed Frames. Shop with confidence. Antique Bed Rails. Assemble old beds with reproduction hardware made specifically for vintage-antique beds. Select bed-bolts, bed-hooks or rail-fasteners according to existing connector configuration.

antique bed rail hooks 2Bed Rail Hooks: Set comes complete with four hook plates and 16 pins for holding them in place. Don’t want to ruin headboard or bed rail,real old antique oak bed. has a good selection of bed parts hardware for your antique beds including bed rail fasteners, bedfasts, bed bolts, bed bolt covers and more. Replace old, worn or missing bed bolts with new, solid steel bed frame bolts. We also carry bed bolt wrenches, bed bolt covers and cast iron bed rail bracket sets.

We offer these antique Iron rails in good vintage condition, usually primed and painted. These rails are around 70-100 years old the correct rails are necessary for your antique bed in that they prevent beds from rocking and wobbling and breaking. Specialty bed hardware for early American beds including 14 tpi bed bolts. Pin holes in head for use inside of bed rail. Iron Bed Rail Fasteners. Use this kit to build your own bed rails on antique beds that are missing the originals. See dimensions tab for complete item dimensions.

Bed Rail Hooks

antique bed rail hooks 3One of the biggest challenges with antique beds are the bed rails and bedrail hook-ups. Sometimes they get lost or broken and we attempt to help with this. Find a huge selection of antique bed hardware from the restoration center. Cast Iron BED RAIL FASTENER Set of 4 Post Anchor: 4high x. Furniture Detective: Hardware on vintage beds crucial to its design and function. As the bolt was tightened with a bed wrench, the post was held snugly to the side rail, and the periodic adjustments needed due to wood expansion and contraction were relatively simple compared with the contortions required for a rope bed. Antique brass and iron hardware for restoration and reproduction of period furniture, cabinet and home. HEADBOARD BOLT / HARDWARE HEADBOARD BOLT / HARDWARE bed_bolts.jpg. All hardware necessary for attaching headboard to bed frame. Incorporating a vintage or antique bed into your bedroom is occasionally problematic, since the original side rails are not always available. However, with replacement bed rail hooks and four boards, a pair of bed rails is easily built in an afternoon.

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Just screw them in placeall bed rail hardware is hidden from view. View our selection of antique bed hardware for your restoration project. But no bedroom furniture restoration is complete without the bed hardware necessary to join the pieces, and make the bed into an actual and sturdy place to sleep! At Kennedy Hardware, we carry what you need: everything from bed bolts to bedfast sets to short bed rails and more. The rails use the same bed hook design as the original. As a result, they might fall from the bed easily because the rail is too short. Bed rail hardware is very important to protect your kids when they are sleeping.