Antique Dresser Drawer Slides (DIY Project Download)

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I have a beautiful antique solid wood dresser that doesn’t have drawer slides so the drawers do not open and close well. Any ideas on how I can retrofit drawer. I’m in the process restoring an old dresser that has been in the family for a while. I’m going to convert it into a changing table, and the main problem I have run across is trying to figure out how to add drawer slides without having to cut the drawers or frame down to make room for the slides, since the drawer sides fit flush with the frame. Older dressers typically used wooden runners that wear out because of constant use over the years, but that’s no reason to give up on that old dresser — it’s probably built better than a new one.

antique dresser drawer slides 2Old dresser with flush drawers so metal slides won’t work. Can these wooden ones work on a dresser where the front of the drawers are flush with the body of the piece?. Drawers Slide, Broken Dresser, Diy Things, Diy Crafts, Diy Furniture, Old Dressers, Furniture Redo, Furniture Diy, Dresser Drawers. (Rub the drawer undersides with a wax candle) Make drawers slide better. Explore Chana Solomon’s board Drawer Slides glides on Pinterest, the world’s catalog of ideas.

The drawers of older desks and dressers often ride on wooden runners, not slick metal slides. This simple, wood-to-wood friction system works well enough, but over time the bottom edge of the drawer sides wear out and the drawer starts to tip down. I repaired a drawer from an antique valet that’s been on my dresser for 15 years. A few coats of wax applied periodically to the bottom of the drawer side and to the drawer slide help slow down wear and make large drawers slide more easily. There are dozens of styles of drawer slides available today, but fortunately most old furniture typically uses one of only a handful of styles.

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There is nothing more deflating than bringing home your new antique dresser and having one of the drawers require a four horse team to pull it open. How to Make Old Drawers Slide Smoothly. I wasn’t real keen on having to buy new drawer slides to rehab an antique dresser I just bought. Drawer slides can be constructed from either wood or metal: You’re more likely to find wood drawer slides on finely crafted antique furniture. One thing that comes with the territory of old wooden furniture is rough wood that doesn’t glide easily when your trying to pull the drawers in and out.

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