Antique Music Box Repair Shops (DIY Project Download)

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Shop with confidence. Antique Music Box Repair-Parts. More elaborate pneumatic instruments or antique music boxes are almost always worth repairing, unless damage to them is extremely severe. Many collectors agree that the Regina disc music box has the best sound of all. To control precision and quality, Porter s artisans finely machine the musical combs and other works in Porter’s own shop, using advanced computerized numerically controlled lathes and premium-quality tools.

antique music box repair shops 2Antique music boxes and other mechanical and automatic music instruments, inc. The Musical Museum South Main Street Route 12-B Deansboro, NY 13328 Conservation of musical instruments; wide variety of musical instruments in the collection; library; repair and restoration workshops; exhibits; publications. Question: We have an antique Swiss cylinder music box that is damaged and will no longer work. Com or via the contact form on his Web site to make an appointment to meet at his home shop. We asked Reg Smith to say a few words about his music box restoration work and the ways in which MD is helpful to him. What I do is full restorations of 19th century cylinder and disc music boxes. Even today, Regina music boxes are considered among the finest ever made by most collectors. When a customer sends an old music box to me for repair, it is typically covered with rust, corrosion, and all manner of dirt; an accumulation of more than a century.

Precision Repairs for Antique and Modern Cylinder and Disc Music Boxes. Over 55 years of experience. New and antique music box sales, music box repair services, and music box information and education. Call 732-988-1099 today. Porter Music Box Company started its humble beginning with the repairing of antique Music Boxes and has continued to do so for the past 40 years. It was a coin-op and like so many coin-ops it did not have all the parts and so we had to figure out what was missing and manufacture those parts in our tool shop.

Museum Conservation Institute Caring For Musical Boxes

A music box or musical box is an automatic musical instrument that produces sounds by the use of a set of pins placed on a revolving cylinder or disc so as to pluck the tuned teeth (or lamellae) of a steel comb. Marsh’s free Museum and curio shop in Long Beach, Washington (US) has several still-working versions of them on public display. The discs can also be played on many antique music boxes bearing the Polyphon and Regina brand names. A music box produces sound by means of a set of pins which pluck the notes on a cylinder that rotates. The cylinder is placed inside the music box and it rotates when you wind the knob on the music box. The Music Repair Shop Unlimited. Reg Smith – Antique Music Box Restorations.