Antique Music Box Restoration (DIY Project Download)

This rule is so elegantly simple that once you understand it you will know all you ever need to know about antique music box repair. Here it is: Never pay anyone to repair your music box. Antique Music Box, Antique Cylinder Box, Antique Disc Box, Antique Discs, Collections, Sales, Restoration. We have a complete Machine Shop and professional woodworking shop for the proper Repair, Restoration and Finishing of any antique music box.

antique music box restoration 2We asked Reg Smith to say a few words about his music box restoration work and the ways in which MD is helpful to him. He gave us a recording of a music box (streaming) that you can listen to with an MP2/3 player. Antique Music Box Repair, Restoration, and Cleaning. Porter Music Box Company started its humble beginning with the repairing of antique Music Boxes and has continued to do so for the past 40 years. Please send us photos of your antiques that you may want restored and we will be happy to review your treasures and discuss your needs.

Cylinder and disc music boxes and other mechanical instruments. Features new and antique music boxes and player pianos; restoration of antique musical boxes and spring-wound phonographs. However, when a strong emotional connection exists, repair cost may be a minor consideration. More elaborate pneumatic instruments or antique music boxes are almost always worth repairing, unless damage to them is extremely severe. Providing professional antique musical box restorations, including comb repairs and tuning. History, services, and contact information.

Reg Smith’s Music Box Restoration Work

Question: We have an antique Swiss cylinder music box that is damaged and will no longer work. Is there someone we can contact about repairing it?. Find great deals on eBay for Antique Music Box in Pre-1900 Collectible Music Boxes. ANTIQUE MUSIC CYLINDER MUSIC BOX FOR RESTORATION AND OR PARTS, GREAT CASE,1875. The sound produced by a properly restored musical box is exactly as it would have been when the machine was new, all those years ago. The Music Boxes and Musical Toys I acquire from various sources are mostly in a used state and may be dirty some deeply dirty from years of being exposed to smoke, grime, etc. Objects that are glazed over, as many of the Otagiri products are, do not have this problem and can be more easily cleaned and restored to an original state. Find great deals on eBay for Antique Music Box in Music Box Collectables. Antique Music Box for restoration-3 bells 3 butterflies lever winding- working. Restoration of Fine Music Boxes. Buy – Sell. Specialty Restorations of Bird Boxes & Singing Bird Cages by Arn Eric. By appointment only. Address: 1825 Placentia Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92627.

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