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An educational organization dedicated to the enjoyment, study and preservation of automatic and mechanical musical instruments. Mechanical Music – Mechanical Music Instruments for sale, antique music boxes, gem roller organ, Wurlitzer jukeboxes, musical clocks, antique mechanical music, and more. We are members of the Musical Box Society International, Automatic Musical Instruments Collectors Association and the Musical Box Society of Great Britain. The Music Box Society International (MBSI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the enjoyment, study and preservation of all automatic musical instruments.

antique music box society 2A music box or musical box is an automatic musical instrument that produces sounds by the use of a set of pins placed on a revolving cylinder or disc so as to pluck the tuned teeth (or lamellae) of a steel comb. The discs can also be played on many antique music boxes bearing the Polyphon and Regina brand names. The Musical Box Society of Great Britain: For people interested in all aspects of mechanical music. Automated Musical Instrument Collectors Association International (AMICA) c/o Membership Chairman: William Chapman 53685 Avenida Bermudas La Quinta, CA 92253-3586 (760) 560-2951 E-mail: shazam sonic. Antique music boxes and other mechanical and automatic music instruments, inc.

Craftsman with over 32 years of Antique Music Box repair and restoration experience. Old world craftsmanship is used to return Music Boxes to original condition. Vincent Freeman antiques We specialize in 19th century music boxes and mechanical music. Music Boxes and Mechnical Music – Musical Box Society International pinned by AmericanTreasureTour.

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The British society for collectors of music boxes and other automatic instruments. Annual antique shows for talking machines, music boxes, 78rpm and cylinder records, and everything mechanically musical. If you are buying an antique music box, be on the lookout for good movements and cases. Collectors club: The Musical Box Society International, P.O. Box 205, Rte. 1972 – When I purchased my first Musical Box, a 15 1/2 Regina. I was living in Syracuse, NY, at the time, and a clock associate directed me to Joseph Roesch (see the Musical Box Society International Silver Anniversary Collection book for technical articles written by Joe) who lived, incredibly, within 5 miles of my home! A quick phone call and visit started a friendship that resulted not only in much exchanged information and ideas, but in a shared dream to train more restoration people through the first CYLINDER BOX RESTORATION SCHOOL in the country!. There are music box clocks, pocket watches, jewelry cases, water globes, miniature pianos, and humidors. Video Tape, Music in Time produced by Music Box Society International 1991. 5. Cylinder 105 cm long and 22 cm diameter. Here is a very good investment save and for a longtime satisfaction. We are member of Musical Box Society Int. Note Worthy: Antique or Modern, Music Boxes Spin Out Tunes of Craftsmanship for Collectors. Today, the former president of the International Musical Box Society (which has 3,000 members worldwide) and his wife devote many hours to restoring music boxes.

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This site is always under construction Musical Box Society International. Here are links to some music box organizations: Automatic Musical Instrument Collector’s Association.