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The upside of the comb of a typical antique Swiss music box doesn’t look substantially different from the Regina comb we looked at earlier, except that the teeth terminate in a much finer point. Maybe the manufacturer used a soft wire on the cylinder, and over the years natural wear and tear pushed just a few pins out of formation. If an antique music box has suffered a run (when the governor controlling the unwinding of the spring motor disengages, allowing the cylinder to spin rapidly and violently), as evidenced by broken comb teeth or bent cylinder pins, this damage can be repaired by tooth replacement (or, if luck is with you, a substitute comb) and pin straightening by a skilled technician. Both Reuge, the sole surviving Swiss music box maker of the many that existed in the 1800’s and 1900’s, and Sankyo, a Japanese manufacturer, maintain an inventory of stock tunes on pinned cylinders, from the smallest 18-note novelty movement size to more musical 50-note movements. A music box or musical box is an automatic musical instrument that produces sounds by the use of a set of pins placed on a revolving cylinder or disc so as to pluck the tuned teeth (or lamellae) of a steel comb. Between the two world wars most of the Swiss companies converted to the manufacture of other products requiring precise mechanical parts. The discs can also be played on many antique music boxes bearing the Polyphon and Regina brand names.

antique swiss music box makers 2RARE ANTIQUE SWISS AUTOMATION MUSIC BOX c1870 OF A PLAYER PIANO WORKING ORDER. This time you are bidding on one of the best known makers of music boxes ever nicole freres the best thing apart from the quality is that you can always date them by the serial number. This is an antique swiss cylinder music box in an inlaid mahogany box. Selling as is for parts or restoration. M.S Rau Antiques carries an extensive collection of rare and important cylinder and disc music boxes, including those by Paillard, Regina and Nicole Freres. Swiss Cylinder Music Box by G. Baker-Troll & Co Item 30-1219.

A Swiss cylinder musical box by Ami Rivenc of Geneva, number 39208 circa 1890, playing 10 airs as indicated on original tune sheet. The manufacturers were exporting a large proportion of their output. The choice of music was potentially unlimited. Swiss music boxes began to be made at the end of the 18th Century, with the first noted maker being a clockmaker named Antoine Favre from Geneva. A good-quality antique music box should bear a maker’s mark either on the inside or bottom of the box or, more likely, on the mechanism itself. There is something about an antique cylinder music box that is enchanting and elegant. These are rare and exquisite music boxes from the 1840’s to 1890’s primarily and were hand made predominantly by the Swiss including such notable makers as Nicole Freres, Baker Troll, Conchon, Bremond, L’Epee, Lecoultre, Mermod Freres, Paillard Rivenc and Rzebitschek.

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antique swiss music box makers 3Antique Swiss Music Box made in Switzerland circa 1880. Made by the renowned maker of F.Conchon in Geneva, Switzerland circa 1880. A cylinder musical box by Nicole Freres of Geneva, Switzerland. No. A ’12 airs, Grand Format’ cylinder musical box made by the highly regarded manufacturer, Nicole Freres. This would allow the arranger of the music to incorporate loud and soft passages into the music. Mechanical Music – Mechanical Music Instruments for sale, antique music boxes, gem roller organ, Wurlitzer jukeboxes, musical clocks, antique mechanical music, and more. MS-108 (82) Sublime Harmonie Tremolo Six-Tune Music Box with 13 Cylinder. And manufactured by a fine Swiss company like Mermod Freres. A magnificent and very rare station/showcase music box cir.1890, manufactured by Paillard of Switzerland.This music box may be the only one of its type to exist. Antique Swiss 13 cylinder music box playing eight tunes by J H Heller in a rosewood case. Antique Swiss rare, monumental Mermod Freres cylinder music box in carved Honduran mahogany case on matching table, circa 1890. OLD ANTIQUE SWISS CYLINDER MUSIC BOX, RUNS BUT MISSING TEETH See more about Music Boxes, Teeth and Music.

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12-Air Cylinder Musical Box, unattributed Swiss maker. Swiss Music Box 12-Air. Antique 19th century swiss hidden bells & drum orchestra music box. Antique Clocks 4U are one of the worlds leading traders and suppliers of affordable. A good selection of French and Swiss Antique Music Boxes including complicated examples with bells and drums. A fine quality Musical box by noted makers Nicole Freres, no. The value of a cylinder music box depends on the length and diameter of the cylinder, the date of its manufacture, the number of tunes it plays, and its manufacturer. Symphonion and Polyphon were German companies, while Regina was based in the United States. Swiss chalet jewelry boxes seem to have been popular subjects for musical movements, and many are still being made. If you are buying an antique music box, be on the lookout for good movements and cases. In the Swiss mountains, one of the last major manufacturers of cylinder music boxes is trying to adapt to changing times, reports Jasmine Coleman.

Our automatons are manufactured in France and are of the highest quality including porcelain parts and Swiss musical mechanisms. Supplier of new disks for most music boxes. Antique Swiss cylinder music box, inlaid case, playing 6 Airs, 35.5cm longongm. Reuge Music Box beginnings goes back to 1865 when Charles Reuge, a watch-maker from the Val-de-Travers, settles in Sainte-Croix and begins producing pocke. You’ll fall in love with a Vintage or Antique Reuge Music Box, and as any other treasured heirloom masterpiece, a Reuge Music Box isa great investments, financially and historically for generations to come. REUGE ITALY MUSIC BOX WOOD Emperor Waltz Swiss Musical Movement Burl Floral 9.