Antiquing Cabinets With Paint And Stain (DIY Project Download)

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Antiquing cabinets is the process of applying a dark glaze to a lighter cabinet door, to give it the appearance of old age and wear and tear. Paint and stain won’t adhere to a glossy or dirty base, so it is important to sand down the cabinets prior to painting them. If your cabinets are stained, you’ve already taken the first step toward creating antique charm. Mix a quart of clear glaze with paint that is two or three tones darker than the stain. You can wipe in a circular motion or with the grain, and any glaze that you leave on will provide the antiquing effect. Antiquing and distressing outdated oak cabinets with primer, latex paint and gel stain See more about Cabinets, Stains and Oak Cabinets.

antiquing cabinets with paint and stain experts offer steps on how to make a cabinet look old again. How to Antique a Cabinet. How to distress a cabinet using paint and stain. To antique stain your cabinets, simply apply a light layer of the stain on one section of the cabinet and wipe off to the desired level of antiqueness. Some other methods of antiquing kitchen cabinets include crackle painting and faux painting. – Distressed Stained Cabinets Mixed design ideas and photos. There are generally two colors of paint in distressing: the top and undercoats.

Add cottage-style charm to white painted cabinets by distressing then applying antiquing glaze. This quick and easy project will give builder basic cabinets a custom look in no time. Sand until the wood under paint is fully exposed. Paint 2 coats of whatever color you want the cabinet to be. Let Dry! 4. Using wood stain or antiquing glaze is one of the most effective furniture aging effects that you can utilize to antique a piece of furniture. You can take a piece of furniture with shiny, brand new paint, and add decades or centuries of natural-looking aging in just a matter of minutes, and the results are incredible. Antiqued Cabinets with Antique Glaze or Stain.

How To Antique A Cabinet

Remodeling Budgets, Colors, and DIY Antique Cabinets: Weekly Round-Up! Bathroom Vanity Blog says:. We are relocating our laundry room and the wall hung cabinets that were above the appliances. The material is wood (probably birch) and is stained. I. Distressed Kitchen Cabinets: How To Distress Your Kitchen Cabinets. Our house is just over 20 years old so we didn’t have to worry about any lead paint issues. Question my kitchen cabinets are also over 20 yrs old, and I am begging for a new look because my cabinets are stained how do i go about doing what you did, it seemed yours were painted?. A distressed and antiqued piece of furniture can add a unique charm to any room. 10. Using a paint brush and stain, apply stain to the entire drawer face. Cabinet refinishing is a popular option for customers who want their cabinets looking brand new and a fraction of the price. Antiquing Cabinets for a Unique Look: This involves distressing an existing finish or antiquing can be combined with new stain. You have the option to either paint or stain your pine cabinet. If you aren’t sure which would best match your cabinets, test your options using some practice wood and samples of the products you’re considering.

Distressed And Antiqued Kitchen Cabinets

I had a hutch that needed painting and being the DIY type of people they are, my husband and mother in law suggested we do it ourselves. I didn’t know a thing about antiquing with glaze or stain. Antique cabinets acquire the distressed look through attrition or even abuse. Distress means that some of the paint or stain is gone from the edges, routing or along the bottoms of the cabinets where the finish has been rubbed off over the years. Latex Paint for Kitchen Cabinets – DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Series 1. A semi-gloss finish on cabinets will be easy to wipe clean and will not stain or hold onto grime as chalk painted cabinets may do. Chalk paint tends to chip easily, which is why people love it for a distressed look. Whether it’s distressed hardwood flooring, distressed cabinets or distressed furniture, the main goal of distressed furniture painting is to produce that timeless, aged look by beating up new materials before artfully applying paint, glaze or stain. Whether it’s distressed hardwood flooring, distressed cabinets or distressed furniture, the main goal of distressed furniture painting is to produce that timeless, aged look by beating up new materials before artfully applying paint, glaze or stain.

I especially love Antique White with Distressed Edge Finish because Antique White is less harsh than a true white, but still brightens any space and goes with pretty much anything. We provide every type of fine finishing, including enameling, lacquering, antiquing, distressing, varnishing, staining, painting, of cabinets, trim, woodwork, and furniture. How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets: 5 Tips from a Master Painter. September 25, 2015 11:00 AM. If your cabinets are stained, use a 220 sandpaper. If they’re painted and there’s a rough stipple that looks like orange peel, use a 120-grade sandpaper before going to a finer one.