Antiquing Kitchen Cabinets With Chalk Paint (DIY Project Download)

It’s been two years since I chalk painted our kitchen cabinets. Latex Paint for Kitchen Cabinets – DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Series 1. I have used homemade chalk paint on other projects, painted, distressed, antiqued with dark wax and then finished with natural wax. Chalk painted kitchen cabinets, chalk paint, doors, home decor, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design, ASCP in Old White with Clear Wax and distressing.

antiquing kitchen cabinets with chalk paint 2Thank you so much:) The kitchen cabinets didn’t get any distressing, no. I wanted them to have a nice, crisp, clean look so didn’t do it on those (I did on the Duck Egg colored island though). Remove the dust caused by distressing by vacuuming your cabinets or wiping them down with a damp tack rag. After rubbing the clear wax in I then used a dark wax for antiquing. To get into the nook and crannies I applied the dark wax with a thin paint brush.

Using Chalk Paint for Oak Kitchen Cabinets (test door). The first, on the left, was not sanded or primed before adding chalk paint and distressing. Chalk paint on kitchen cabinets for distressed look. Krystine Turner October 2, 2013. Opinions, techniques, advice?? Email. Comment13Bookmark1Like. Renaissance Chalk Furniture & Cabinet Paint Qt – Ivory Tower (32oz).

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover (annie Sloan Chalk Paint)

antiquing kitchen cabinets with chalk paint 3How I Painted my Kitchen Cabinets: Chalk Paint, Latex, and Benjamin Moore Advance. Chalk paint & milk paint are different kinds of paints. The kitchen cabinets below were professionally done, but you can get the same look following some of the tips below. Milk paint can be unpredictable when it comes to distressing. Transforming Kitchen Cabinets with Chalk Paint. I could do this with sandpaper, but wet distressing is easier (in my opinion) and it is a whole lot less messy than sanding. Best tips for using chalk paint. see all the chalk paint colors. get chalk paint ideas for your painted furniture. I haven’t really seen any projects done with chalk paint that weren’t distressed or aged. Now my question is would you use chalk paint on kitchen, bathroom cabinets? Using wood stain or antiquing glaze is one of the most effective furniture aging effects t. You can take a piece of furniture with shiny, brand new paint, and add decades or centuries of natural-looking aging in just a matter of minutes, and the results are incredible. To show you how to do it we will take a look at some kitchen cabinets that we were recently working on for a client of ours. Painted Kitchen Cabinets Chalk Paint! DIY Chalk Paint:. I wanted the cabinets to be slightly distressed so when I sanded between coats of paint (using 220 grit sanding blocks) I sanded the edges to allow a little of the cabinet wood to show through.

Using Chalk Paint For Oak Kitchen Cabinets (test Door)

Best Furniture Paints For Antiquing & Distressing. July 17, 2013 Filed under: Furniture Painting Tips. Both milk paint and chalk paint are very flat paints, the sheen on the furniture comes from the finishing wax. Types of Paint Best For Painting Kitchen Cabinets. The cabinets were painted with two coats of Old White Chalk Paint. I painted mine while they hung in place, after removing hardware.