Arne Jacobsen Ant Chair (DIY Project Download)

Arne Jacobsen bought a plywood chair designed by Charles Eames and installed it in his own studio, where it inspired one of the most commercially successful chair models in design history. The three-legged Ant chair (1951) sold in millions and is considered a classic today. All chairs are made of pressure moulded sliced veneer. Arne Jacobsen Ant Chairs have been melding form and function since they first appeared in the canteen of Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk in 1952.

arne jacobsen ant chair 2Original Vintage Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair for Fritz Hansen, Denmark. Exceptional Early Brazilian Rosewood Egg Table and Ant Chairs by Arne Jacobsen. For Sale on 1stdibs – wonderful trio of early three-legged model 3100 ‘Ant’ chairs by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen, molded teak veneer plywood and steel, stamped and labeled. In 1952 Arne Jacobsen designed a chair for the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, who wanted something compact, light and stackable for their canteen.

Swan chair designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for Fritz Hansen, DK. The Ant Chair was produced in 1952 by Arne Jacobsen, one of Denmark’s influential designers of the twentieth century. Yet another masterpiece of form and function, the Ant Chair is an interesting, minimalist design which lacks nothing in comfort. Developed in 1951, this state of the art piece of furniture has been established as one of the most popular chairs in the.

Arne Jacobsen Furniture: Egg Chairs, Swan Chairs & More

3D Model of The Ant – Arne Jacobsen by: Andreas M.The Ant – Arne Jacobsen. Swan Coffee Table Large Inspired by: Arne Jacobsen Style. Our Price From: 210.00 + FREE Delivery. 4 Leg Ant Chair Inspired by: Arne Jacobsen Style. The Ant Chair came about by Danish Designer Arne Jacobsen in 1952. Arne Jacobsen was employed by Danish Pharmaceutical Firm Novo Nordisk to design a chair for their company canteen / cafe seating. With a minimalist form and svelte shape, the Ant is an extremely comfortable chair and one of the most prominent icons in the Arne Jacobsen Collection. Arne Jacobsen Ant Chair – with Three Legs (3100_Lac) Arne Jacobsen1952 Description: THE ANT WITH THRRE LEGS. Q: I’m thinking of buying vintage Arne Jacobsen Ant Chairs. The seller provides this picture showing paint chips at the edge of the chairs. Now I wonder if I should use them as they are and just enjoy the vintage feeling or if it’s better to re-paint? If re-painting is better I would love to hear suggestions how to do it and what kind of paint I should use?.

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