Aromatic Cedar Closet Liner Panel (DIY Project Download)

Enjoy the natural protection and forest-fresh aroma of the CedarSafe Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar Flake Board Closet Liner Panels any say goodbye to chemical mothballs and harsh chemical odors. Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar Closet Liner Tongue and Groove Planks, 35 sq. ft. We sell eastern red cedar tongue & groove closet liner in 3.

aromatic cedar closet liner panel 2A DIY guide to lining a closet with aromatic cedar. This will make it easier to find the studs after the cedar panels have been attached with construction adhesive and the marks on the walls are no longer visible. This deluxe closet kit features solid panel shelves, a solid panel cubby kit and four hanging rods. Aromatic Cedar Closet Liner 1/2 Tongue & Groove Paneling 2′ long. 2.00. An affordable luxury for use in closets, storage and laundry areas, pantries, kitchen and bath cabinets, chests and as drawer liners. This panel provides an all natural defense against insects and mildew for use in closets, storage and laundry areas, garage and basements, pantries, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, chests and drawer liners.

Cedar closet lining from Randall Brothers can protect your clothes, linens and other personal items from damage and infestation from a wide variety of household pests. The natural oils found in Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar produce the aroma that repels pests, but is pleasing to people. Our company offers both planks and flakeboard panels from CedarSafe, which can be quickly installed in any closet or other storage space and will release natural, aromatic cedar oil for years. Aromatic cedar, also known as Eastern Red Cedar, is grown in the eastern North American continent. Aromatic red cedar naturally repels insects and neutralizes odors. Cedar closet lining panels install easily with tongue and groove system and kits include assorted lengths.

How To Line A Closet With Aromatic Cedar

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