Aromatic Cedar Closet Lining (DIY Project Download)

Update your closet, bedroom, basement, pantry and more with natural-looking, aromatic cedar planking. Cedar Safe Closet Liners provide a forest fresh aroma and moth protection in a form that is safe, natural, inexpensive and easy to install. The natural aroma of cedar keeps moths away and clothes smelling fresh. Lining your closet with cedar is relatively easy when you use tongue-and-groove boards. Whether you glue or nail, make sure you’re installing aromatic red cedaralso known as Eastern red cedarwhich smells like the shavings in a hamster cage.

aromatic cedar closet lining 2Installing An Aromatic Cedar Lined Closet I How To Install Aromatic Cedar In A Closet I Installation Tips I Detailed Steps. Line hampers with Aromatic Cedar & enjoy the difference this easy project can make. Eastern Aromatic Red Cedar’s fresh scent naturally resists mildew and repels insects, making it perfect for closet paneling or drawer linings. The rustic look of these plywood panels adds to the heirloom charm of finished projects clad with Columbia Forest Products’ aromatic cedar.

We carry: Aromatic Cedar Closet Lining Solid, Glued-up Aromatic Cedar Shelving Aromatic Cedar Drawer Sides. Cedar closet lining from Randall Brothers can protect your clothes, linens and other personal items from damage and infestation from a wide variety of household pests. The natural oils found in Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar produce the aroma that repels pests, but is pleasing to people. What better time to discuss the enduring myth that cedar closets are the best way to protect your delicate woolen items?. While aromatic red cedar smells sweet and fresh to us, its aromatic oils repel moths, cockroaches, and silverfish.

How To Install Aromatic Cedar In A Closet

aromatic cedar closet lining 3LINING a closet with aromatic cedar strips is an easy and worthwhile project for any homeowner to undertake. The fragrance will keep clothes smelling fresh and the natural resins in the cedar, although not insecticides, will repel moths. If you can read a tape measure and pound a nail, you can begin lining a closet with aromatic cedar and achieve professional results without the cost of hiring a skilled carpenter.

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