Awesome Bookshelves (DIY Project Download)

We found 20 of the most brilliant bookcases for stylish readers. The concept behind this design follows that simple idea and turns a normal bookcase into a cool piece of seating. If you don’t read books and don’t care about the bookshelves don’t be too quick to close this article. Skateboard shelf is a piece of furniture that every skateboard lover would tell your that is awesome. This week, we read a short article over at NPR about Bookshelf, a blog-turned-book by Alex Johnson about you guessed it the bookshelf in all its glory. It’s no secret that we’re suckers for a little book-related design here at Flavorpill, so we took the occasion of the book’s publication as an excuse to round up thirty gorgeous, innovative, and otherwise amazing bookshelves and bookcases for all your book display needs.

awesome bookshelves  218 Insanely Cool Bookshelves You’ll Want To Own. Fingers crossed you don’t have any items from our official list of the worst book covers in the history of literature, but hopefully you’ve had a chance to see at least a few of the most spectacular libraries in the world by now. This design might look cool, but I don’t think you could stay too relaxed in that space, I’d rather sit in a comfortable chair. I think these designs will make any home more diverse and unique. Enjoy in these awesome DIY bookshelves and bookshelf ideas.

If you are a person who reads a lot you know you need to have a way to organize your books and put them into shelves. Most of the bookshelves that you find in. 25 Creative Bookshelf Designs You Have Got To See. 50 Creative Christmas Cakes Too Cool to Eat. Book Lovers Will Surely Love These 15 Awesome Bookshelves. Collecting books is an awesome hobby, but what’s even more awesome is when you got places where you can put all your books to make it safer and retain its odor and originality that could last for longer period of time.

18 Insanely Cool Bookshelves You’ll Want To Own

Books are forever and books are truly a man’s best friend. But what adds to their awe is an awesome bookcase to flaunt your way through. These bookshelves are a one of a kind masterpiece that will truly be the envy of your friends. So why not give them a fun new home! Check out these 10 creative bookshelves that will add a fantastic design element to your home. A father and son duo who love their DIY created this totally awesome set of bookshelves from blonde hardwood and a little know how. The finished piece looks totally amazing in their living room and it’s a one off too!. Find and follow posts tagged bookshelves on Tumblr. Equilibrium link Wooden fold shelf link USA Bookshelf link Equation link Max Lamb Bookshelf link Tree Branch link Booktree link Stretch Shelf link l. This is another awesome bookshelf that’s not for sale, but if you’re in the Indianapolis area, you can see it on display at the Indianapolis Museum of Art as part of The Public Collection event.

Cool And Unique Bookshelves Designs For Inspiration