Baby Proof Sliding Glass Door (DIY Project Download)

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I am renting a new place and there is a sliding glass door to the patio that runs very smoothly so it is very easy for my 2 year old to open and Im sure my 1 year old will be figuring it out soon too! With this little one coming, Im worried that they might try to escape while i have my hands tied with the new baby, when i am nursing or anything else that takes my attention away from the older ones for a little. Does anyone know of a solution for baby proofing a glass sliding door? We have a pool in the back yard and don’t want baby walking outside (when she does walk). Free 1-2 day shipping at 49+, great prices & 365-day return policy. Buy Sliding Glass Door Child Proof at

plastic kitchen drawer runners 2Keep little ones out of bi-folding doors, and help prevent pinched fingers. Safeguard your child, but allow for ventilation of sliding glass doors at the same time. Cardinal Gates Patio Door Guardian Childproofing Lock, White 4. A sliding glass door, with its tantalizingly unobstructed view of the outdoors, beckons a newly mobile child — but often what’s on the other side of the door can be dangerous for toddlers.

With the SafeSlider child proof patio door locks installed, you can make sure that young ones do not become tempted to open the sliding glass doors on their own and expose themselves to potential danger. Safety 1st Double Door Decor Slide Lock (2-Pack). Model HS170. Sliding Door & Windows Lock, baby proofing lock, window and door wedge, home safety lock.

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white lacquer bookshelf 3I recently came to my attention that there are not really any good sliding door child locks, either that or our 2 year old is more naughty than others.   So I came up with my own child lock, which is discrete, child proof, and has minimal impact on the door. The Best Baby-Proofing Products: Reviews & Prices for the Top 50 Baby-Proofing Supplies for Stairs, Doors & Everywhere Else. DoorSmoocher Childproof Sliding Pocket Door Lock. We have two sliding glass patio doors that open to the same long. I was blissfully unaware of the business of childproofing until my oldest child started to crawl. Ideally, a sliding glass door leading out to the balcony will have two locks, one of which is high enough so that your smaller children can t reach it. I picked a baby proofing item for our sliding glass door off Amazon, but it required drilling into the door itself. Daddy wasn’t too keen on that. The lock device is installed in a position high upon the sliding door to prevent actuation by young children and requires no permanent modification to the door on which it is installed. As such, it is a first object of the present invention to provide an automatic child-proof sliding door lock. 1 shows a perspective view of a sliding glass door having the inventive lock installed thereon.


Dd has figured out how to lock and unlock our sliding glass door. I think she will soon be able to tug it open. I really need a way to keep her from opening this because we have coyotes and I have seen one ten feet off our back door in daylight. I’m looking for some kind of childproofing device for sliding closet doors. These aren’t sliding bi-fold doors, but more like sliding glass patio doors on a track. The sliding glass door is no longer a troublesome spot for curious kids. Put decals on sliding glass doors at baby’s eye level, so he or she doesn’t run into them.

Cook using back burners, turn handles inward, and teach child oven is hot when light is on. Don’t allow child to play on floor by the stove when you’re cooking. Sliding Glass Patio Door Child Proof Safety Double Bolt Security Lock. The strap style doesn’t work, because the glass doors are set in just a bit from the wood around them, and the latch still allows the door. I can’t use the handle-lock style because the handles on our cabinet are vertical rectangles, and I can’t use the cabinet slide lock because the handles are solid. Remember, too, that no device is completely childproof; determined youngsters have been known to overcome or disable them. Sliding glass doors, with locks that must be re-secured after each use, are not an effective barrier to pools.