Back Seat Air Bed (DIY Project Download)

Turn the back seat of your car into a comfortable bed. Happy Hobo Car Mattress. The Fuloon, for example, only costs about 120, but can be inflated to create a nice, flat bed in the backseat of almost any car. And to really make you want to sleep in the bed of your truck they ve got all these pictures of everything from families enjoying the outdoors thanks to the air mattresses to lovers getting all cozy in a pickup truck bed. The inflatable air mattress doubles the size of cars’ rear benches, and also makes them more comfortably contoured for butts lying horizontally rather than butts seated upright. The back seat air mattress fits most car models, and measures 53 long x 34.

back seat air bed 2Introducing backseat air beds for cars that let you camp in comfort (but you need to convince 499 friends to buy one too). By Daily Mail Reporter. The cool new Inflatable Car Mattress transforms an automobile backseat into a cozy air bed when traveling, camping, or (ahem) parking. This unique air mattress inflates in 2 minutes using an included air pump and universally fits in the backseat of 90 of car models. Able to be set up in seconds, the inflatable car bed is perfect for road trips, or just for living in a van down by the river after you ve lost everything.

Special Offers – OnlyTM SUV Dedicated Car Mobile Cushion Air Bed Bedroom Inflation Travel Thicker Mattress Back Seat Extended Mattress – In stock & Free Shipping. If you have a car, then you’ve tried to sleep in the backseat. Tried being the operative word. It’s uncomfortable and narrow and the reason you brought that mildewy tent to the music festival, or booked countless bedbug-infested motel rooms on your cross-country roadtrip. The specifically designed air mattress contours to the back seat of your car in order to provide a comfortable sleeping space. Features: Car inflatable travel Bed Fits in all cars Quick to inflate Portable Space saving Material: PVC (Poly vinyl chloride) Designes for comfort Easy to store Perfect for road trips Easy to assemble and disassemble Sets up in seconds Moulds in various shapes Size/Dimension: 85-90(W) x 115-130(L) x 42-45(H) cm Maximum weight bearing capacity: 300Kg.

Introducing Backseat Air Bed For Cars That Lets You Camp In Comfort (but You Need To Convince 499 Friends To Buy One Too)

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