Backlit Wood Veneer (DIY Project Download)

Wood veneer, when laminated between glass, becomes unexpectedly translucent while retaining its natural, organic beauty and comes to life with backlighting. Custom backlit wood burl panels create stunning feature walls at the National Cancer Institute main lobby. Translucent thin wood veneer illuminated. Backlit applications such as translucent wood. thin veneers allow for the rich texture of wood to be accentuated by LED lighting which reveals textures that are not normally visible unless the wood is backlit.

backlit wood veneer 2Translucent Wood Veneer Panels Backlit with LED Lighting See more about Wood Veneer, LED and Storage Buildings. Thanks to the backlit veneer the room is immersed in a warm, pleasant light. Illuminated veneer shows off the full elegance of the wood. Backlit wood veneers or illuminated veneers are beautifully reproduced in high resolution and encapsulated and illuminated on a single glass panel, backlit illuminated wood veneers are used for many applications within the hotel and leisure industry or for creating forms of wall art for interior projects, backlit illuminated veneers are perfect for illuminated feature walls, illuminated glass flooring, illuminated ceiling, illuminated balustrades illuminated kitchen splash backs, illuminated bars & counter tops or furniture.

Marlite Wood Veneer is hand-selected, always harvested responsibly and is offered in four finish options. Translucent or opaque materials in backlight ready framing system. Riffing on the dark wood tones of mid-century furnishings, two large installation pieces were designed to merge the mechanical and precise characteristics of digital fabrication with the natural grain and organic patterns of figuration found in wood veneer. One piece is comprised of a series of large-format, wood veneer slides which are backlit to produce the effect of glowing, translucent walnut. This bracelet is designed to showcase a special piece of wood veneer. In my case I had a small piece of olive ash that had a really beautiful grain pattern.

Translucent Wood Veneer Panels Backlit With Led Lighting

backlit wood veneer 3A renewable wood-fiber alternative to Styrene substrates used in backlit signage applications. Suitable for bus shelters, retail and entertainment backlit displays, Envi provides excellent thermal stability and outstanding resistance to moisture. Backlit wood veneer feature walls by GPI Design form part of a new lighting design by MCLA at the US National Cancer Institute in Maryland, leading visitors through an inspiring passageway. Laminated glass columns showcase the maple veneers. Art Clock LED Digital Backlight Natural Wood vene WL0421T/S Min. Order: 500 Pieces FOB Price: US 4.95 – US 5.5 supplied by Eoutil Electronic Co. Xcel offers a variety of media that can be backlit for use in a variety of applications from traditional light boxes to lamp shades. Solvent Backlit (SBL) View Details. CHERRY True Wood Veneer on PET. The core of my business is to veneer and backlit perspex! This kind of backlit furniture with real wood has never been shown in this way before which open up a.

Wood Veneer Interior Wall Panels

Gemss Radiance Wood Mosaics are an amazing innovation in the world of surfacing materials. It is a first of its kind unique combination of wood with colored resins that take functionality of wood surfaces to the next level. A premium matte-finished paper engineered for large-format printing and backlit advertising. Printable Wood Veneer Ever wonder what it would be like to print on real wood sheets? Learn more and see samples of this unique new product, including wood folding-carton paper and wood pressure-sensitive papers. Custom backlit wood veneer banquets surround patrons by the warm glow of the wood. The next visual element is the crystal beads that hang from the 24-foot high ceiling.