Ball And Spring Door Latch (DIY Project Download)

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Diameter Closet Door Ball Catch – It features a magnetic catch, solid brass construction and a satin nickel finish. These were replacements for 13 yr. old spring loaded door catches. Adjustable Roller Ball Door Spring Catch Lock Latch and Strike Plate – Nickel. BRASS or NICKEL Adjustable Roller Catch Mortice Door Spring Ball Latch. A strike plate is mounted on the door jamb where the spring loaded ball will catch and hold the door closed. A tug on the door will release the catch.

ball and spring door latch 2If you have French or Double doors that have a spring loaded ball bearing latch. You will know how much of a pain they are. Always in need of adjustment and always there is one that looses it’s ball or spring. Door Systems. Twin ball catch, 43 mm more info / buy Twin ball catch, 49 mm more info / buy Twin ball catch, 60 mm. Mount a strike plate on the door jamb, opposite where the spring loaded ball catch location is. This holds the door closed. A pull on the door will release the catch.

Ball catch hardware is characteristically used on interior doors and closet doors. The door ball catch is designed to ensure doors stay in the closed position. How to Fix a Closet Door With a Spring & Ball. Interior closet doors often feature a ball and spring latching mechanism installed on the top. The ball is held in place by a mounting plate and has tension applied by a spring mounted behind the ball. They used to latch with a spring-loaded mechanism at the top of each door. The ball that has a spring pushing it up mounted in the top of the door is height-adjustable: the cylinder holding the ball has threads on the outside so you can infinitely adjust the height of the ball.

Pergo French Door Spring Ball Door Latch Replacement By Pergo

ball and spring door latch 3Adjustable Roller Catch Nickel-Plated 23mm 5 Pack (35788). Brass ball catch securely holds door closed and is nearly hidden from view. These are clearly made of decent materials but are expensive and vary in terms of spring strength and ball protrusion, fine tuning for appropriate catch is very time consuming. I live in a Retirement Block of Flats in Sydenham London. Our House manager recently replace the normal Latches of 4 of the 5 Fire Doors in our main stairwell with Ball Catches. B&Q Brass Effect Ball Catch, Pack of 2 – B&Q for all your home and garden supplies and advice on all the latest DIY trends. Our Closet Door Ball Catch is used on doors opened simply by pulling or pushing. When the door is closed, a spring pushes a brass ball into the jamb’s notched strike. Ball Catch Press Fit with Striking Plate 12.5mm Diameter Hole Bra. 1.29.

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For full size internal doors the heavy duty roller ball catch and adjustable roller catch allow you to push and pull the door open. For smaller cupboard doors our ball bearing bales catch is ideal. Ball bearing cabinet latches use a simple spring loaded ball to hold doors closed. Each catch includes a 3/4 w x 1-3/16 h assembly and 9/16 w x 3/4 h strike, which easily mount inside of cabinet.