Banjo Kazooie Click Clock Wood Honeycomb (DIY Project Download)

Click Clock Wood is the ninth and final world accessed from Gruntilda’s Lair in Banjo-Kazooie. Extra Honeycombs. One can be located inside Gnawty’s House during winter. Honeycomb in the Beaver’s home during winter in Click Clock Wood. Honeycomb found in the attic of the squirrel during winter in Click Clock Wood. For Banjo-Kazooie on the Nintendo 64, Click Clock Wood Guide by Ernest 64. Note: I recommend you have every single honeycomb containers in the game, cause if you fail a question, you’ll gonna lose one energy hexagon.

banjo kazooie click clock wood honeycomb 2For Banjo-Kazooie on the Nintendo 64, Extra Honeycomb Locations by j_ohanley. Click Clock Wood is the final world in Banjo Kazooie before facing Gruntilda Winkybunion. Jinjo 1: The first Jinjo, purple, can be found inside the large honeycomb. HoneyComb Location Guide Banjo Kazooie. Click Clock Wood: HoneyComb 1: Enter the Winter season and climb the tree until you reach the squirrel’s house.

This page contains information about the world Click Clock Wood. In Click Clock Wood Banjo and Kazooie are not able to learn a move from Bottles the mole. Banjo – Kazooie Music: Click Clock Wood (Fall). 4:12. Banjo-Kazooie Click Clock Wood – Honeycombs. 0:31. Click Clock Wood – Banjo Kazooie – Drum Cover. Click Clock Wood-Honey Comb 1: Winter Both are in winter.

Banjo-kazooie Extra Honeycomb Locations For Nintendo 64 By

verulam trestle tables 32) In winter, beak bomb the top window of the squirrel’s home to reach the honeycomb. 3x Gruntilda’s Lair LAIR13 Finding Click Clock Wood. When you make contact with an enemy, you lose one honeycomb. DK Vine: BK Reedview: Click Clock Wood (Part 2)Click Clock Wood (Part 2) Back Next IntroPre-GameSpiral MountainGruntilda’s LairMumbo’s Mountain (Part 1)Mumbo’s Mountain (Part 2)Treasure Trove Cove (Part 1)Treasure Trove Cove (Part 2). Banjo-Kazooie tips, codes, hints, cheats, and secrets, for the N64. Banjo-Kazooie walkthroughs on SuperCheats – Walkthrough. Go in the pipe under the water and you will come out to the click clock wood puzzle. Put in 15 Jiggies. (it is in Banjo Tooie)Now you need to go on top of the beehive and fall on top of the big flower that just grew from watering it.


In addition to these items each snowman provides a piece of honeycomb energy. Mumbo can only change Banjo into a bee during spring in Click Clock Wood. A racing game spinoff, this game features the Banjo-Kazooie cast racing around in airplanes. Examples include: a totem pole, boulders, a leaky pail, acorns, musical notes, honeycombs, eggs, feathers, exploding mines, life preservers, oranges, trees, cauliflower, stone sphinxes, ice cubes, snowmen, cold water, cacti, cauldrons, cowl ventilators, onions, exploding boxes, flying broomsticks, treasure chests, beehive boxes, carrots, a toilet, golden jigsaw pieces, and a book of spells that flies by flapping its pages, just to name a few!. Banjo Kazooie has the puzzle for Click Clock Wood located in an underwater cavern near the entrance to Treasure Trove Cove, but the podium is missing you have to find the switch in Click Clock Wood’s entrance very late in the game in order to use it.